1. Up next: Stodgy-ass Republican puts forward bill outlawing the mention of the clitoris

  2. When are we going to start reframing the term "shareholder value"? For many companies, the executives, as well as the board of directors, own the majority of shares. They are the shareholders, so they are literally just enriching themselves at the cost of the company and society at large.

  3. This is a great point that I wish more people considered.

  4. I don't think it is, even her spotlight refers to her "below average Block Proficiency and Health pool." It's possible that 10% is lower than even Kabam meant it to be, but I'm pretty sure this is actually what they intended for her to be.

  5. Aren’t well-times blocks a big part of her kit?

  6. I’m down. Justice would be for the architects and mouthpieces of the J6 betrayal to be locked away for the maximum amount of time they can be sentenced to, while seizing their ill-gotten gains.

  7. More like “No officer, idk what happened to that guys car. I borrowed it and secured it in my garage, then it vanished!”

  8. How is it not related to any member of the GOP? It's clear what the poster is insinuating as if this is a gotcha moment for a democrat and then pretending as if conservatives are all innocent. Posting shit like this is pointless because it happens on both sides.. the major difference is conservatives act like they're the righteous ones all while blocking bills that would better protect children against sexual abuse.

  9. It does amaze me how hard people will defend a fucking pedo because they’re of the same political affiliation.

  10. This. The obesity and diabetes epidemics started soon after the whole "fat-free" marketing craze started in the late 1980s, which was right when processed sugar started getting put into everything. Turns out that was entirely to sell us on more cheaply made processed crap that replaced fats with sugars while BS-ing us on the idea that it was healthier.

  11. Sorry, all the rakes are being conscripted to fight this spring’s wildfires. Can I offer you a healthy length of East Palestine rail instead?

  12. Fuck Ron DeSantis. I’ll register right now, I’m not a blogger but I’ll start one to shit talk this sausage casing full of shit

  13. Gonna be hard to do much of anything with that fat dump he’s carrying around, judging by the look on his face and the general smell carried around by this trash can full of shit.

  14. No, it’s everywhere, screaming infidels!!!!

  15. Why jump to conspiracy when it's probably stupidity?

  16. Because the venn diagram for “stupidity” and believes in conspiracy theories” is almost a perfect circle.

  17. Every major power has reserves going into the future. This isn't news.

  18. I guess by “fail spectacularly” you mean fail to change Putin’s escalation of war crimes? Or fail to stop Putin from throwing an entire generation of young men into a meat grinder so he can stroke himself to sleep fantasizing about being a great war hero?

  19. You can see this truth just by observing how oddly misshapen that Americans are, especially compared to other countries. We store tremendous amounts of fat in weird places, and we look like we are being fattened up for slaughter.

  20. Jesus, fuck these soft-handed, soft-headed turds. If this world was just, the real crooks would be in prison and workhouses.

  21. Call me crazy, but letting insane criminals have the run of the place for decades until they grow fat and complacent seems like a bad strategy.

  22. Unless you plan on eating them. Then fat and complacent is perfectly fine.

  23. It will cost more, but that money stays in America.

  24. Slut tank sounds so badass. I believe I shall make that a custom class for my next rpg

  25. How can you stoke outrage with silly things like facts and reality?

  26. So, how is this not a blatant violation of the 1st amendment? Jesus, who looks at this sorry proto-fascist & thinks “this is the guy I want to follow”?

  27. Yeah. Literally all kids do this already to get more content. I work in advertising and many times we will get tons of kids seeing our ads when the age range limits it to 23-40. Figured out it’s cause years ago young kids would just put 18 on their profile and you can’t change it. So 6 years later their account age is 24 but in reality they’re 17-19.

  28. That’s interesting actually I’ve never considered the impact that these kids accounts could have on data.

  29. Who do you think is getting influenced by “influencers”? I’ve got a couple of kids, and I don’t let my youngest watch YouTube unless it’s on the tv & I can watch/listen.

  30. Kids watching ads is probably the backbone of our economy at this point.

  31. Incredible Hulk: Ultimate destruction on Ps2 had a Bruce Banner skin. All the power of a rampaging hulk packed into a shirtless, jort-rocking nerd? Hilariously fun

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