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  1. I know on this sub everyone is pro B4B, but TRS has left a bad taste in my mouth with the decision to stop content support for B4B. I hope there is a B4B2, feel like there is still life in this developing franchise, it's just odd that they would drop it for another game so quickly.

  2. The critique really isn't actually. It's totally fine to say "I wish they'd decided to do more dlc". It's totally fine to say "I want them to make zwat skins for the last two characters they released." But this idea that they should be criticized for it is absolutely silly. There was never a promise of anything beyond the initial dlc roadmap. It was pretty clear that they didn't view this as a "games as a service" style game, and doing a game with a few dlcs and then moving on is a fully valid way to make games.

  3. The critique stems from TRS inability to stick with a game. Is an annual pass not Games as a service? You bought a pass for a year of content, no different than buying a season pass. My criticisms of TRS is because this is identical to what happened with Evolve. I worry that due to them abandoning the game, how long will servers stay up? How long with the game actually be playable? (When I say playable, I mean thru online play) i think these a valid concerns when a dev is so quick to jump ship.

  4. Didn't say you were buddy. The game could go on in its current state but they are owned by Tencent now....and Tencent just chases the money. I'd say give Turtle Rock a chance. Btw if you're speaking of Evolve...that game was horribly balanced and it deserved to die lol

  5. Yeah Evolve had huge problems but it was a very interesting concept along with hype around it. I played that game as well but never purchased DLC after I saw the exorbitant cost it was. That was blatantly a cash grab. I dont think B4B is a cash grab, I found it worth the cost I paid but I just can support a studio with this track record. Evolve being horribly balanced was their burden to fix but they didnt so they let it die. B4B is essentially the same, 1 year of content, then the death of the game. That's what sucks I'm thinking will this games servers be up a year from now?

  6. Just as I was about to type where is the Lizard Queen?! You knew the assignment and exceeded expectations

  7. I don't think so, I remember watching the show when it first aired and always enjoyed it. I found the content again because of various Youtubers but Walls has some of the most entertaining content for me. That is kind of the cycle, someone new can come along and breath new life thru funny commentaries. I'm not too sure about the new stings but I do hope one day a network tries to revive a sting operation. I know that is a long shot, but I think a reboot with proper funding would be epic. Look at HVP that had a small budget and gave us memorable predators.

  8. Did you slice the file yourself or did you use a presliced file? A friend had the same issue, somehow the sliced file was bugged, every layer was a baselayer with baselayer exposure time.

  9. That could be it but I sliced it myself. I tried a mini I had printed before. It took about 2 hours but this time it took 6. Everything was the same as before

  10. 1 vintage pack doesnt have to be a 1st edition base set, but maybe a jungle or team rocket.

  11. So there are two ways this will go either he will be receptive and want to talk about the possibility of a reunion. Or the more likely scenario he will be be resentful for everything you put him thru and not want the possibility of it happening again. People dont forget how you treated them or how you abandoned them. He sounds like a stand up guy, but that doesn't mean he wants to be with you after how you treated him. You should be prepared for that possibility. You also have to think that it may be kind of cruel to broach the subject with him. Perhaps he has moved on, his feelings evaporated for you, if you did speak to him about reconciliation it may just bring hurt to him. These are all real possibilities but if you think that it's possible I would speak to your therapist about the best way to approach this. This is way above reddit's pay grade if it's true.

  12. Hope this is fake, but outside of breaking up there is nothing you can do. Logically it makes most sense, you two are not married, split your finances, stop being a maid, and stop being in a one sided relationship. It. Makes no sense for you to stay.

  13. I think as long as you dont leave the cover off and dont have any debris in the tank you are fine. I left it over 2 weeks and didnt notice any difference in my print. When I first got it, i was removing the tank, cleaning it, then adding resing again for my next print. I just got tired of doing it and haven't went back. I do stir it if I leave it for a few days but other than that I just check for debris.

  14. I just press print and let it do its thing. The bubbles shouldn't be a factor in printing

  15. This is a fucking masterpiece !! A true master class in playing and describing your wonderful dish

  16. Ambrosio would be the mini boss prior. He would have reaper abilities. The final boss would have to be an S class predator. JPW, Cawd, The Rabbi, or maybe Sokol. I would love to see Hambubger return as a zombie though

  17. Another safe on reddit...... damn I am ready for disappointment but I also have to know what's inside!!!!

  18. When the relationship started it was a start to sexy time, after awhile into the relationship it was just us talking, appreciating each others bodies, a time to kind of just be alone with each other

  19. Although I enjoy Johno's videos, I don't mind his crazy long upload times. I don't think his videos have gotten better, I actually think his newer vids are less entertaining, but I like knowing he's enjoying his time rather than stressing about videos.

  20. Why should he? The guys there for an underaged kid. Just because a predator has an injury doesnt warrant sympathy

  21. This and your dupee are top tier artwork! You make this sub proud with what you have created

  22. Imagine making it to 72, then the grand slam takes you out

  23. Where is Del excitedly exclaiming "its Lee Greer! its Lee Greer!!"

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