1. Tybw byakuya didn't get frenzy twice with far more outrage from the community

  2. Those who farmed new years co-op with Kaname: I'm good I got enough mind pots for a couple years now

  3. Feel you. Got 50k normal mind pots left after powering up all my good mind units 💀

  4. Same got 60k normal and super mind pots after powering up my meta mind units. The timing of this Sun-Sun actually rewards those who farmed that event with Kaname

  5. Correction: They're not even married. NTA.

  6. Take her DEF and ATK to 10 and throw her on Yhwach. She’s still a great DR link.

  7. Yhwach has weaken immunity so her double soul trait becomes useless on him and she's just another 20 dr link like Findor or Cfyow 2 grimmjow

  8. Yeah the mobs dish out so much damage there's not a point in using any stamina accessories outside of PVP and maybe ER, so as a result I guarantee if Klab makes a new version of fortification pill that straight up halves your stamina while giving 50% SP and FCS it'd be the best accessory in the game

  9. The questionable part is Sam's late mother wearing a wedding ring when she didn't want to get married

  10. Why cant i play "the warrior path" senkaimon quest?

  11. You can only choose to do 1 normal sekaimon tower and 1 extreme tower every month

  12. Kinda new (started earlier this week) and I just want to know, what is an "End of Month" banner? What exactly makes it special? Is there any info on what this month's one will be?

  13. Its a banner that is released on the last day of the month and typically has quite strong characters in it compared to most mid-months.

  14. ............................................this is a gacha game and these are limited characters. they just want people to spend money and reruns are the only chance to obtain these. This happens every month. There is no bait banner. Every banner is supposed to make people pull, regardless of what's coming.

  15. In this case I would agree its not bait since it runs to the 31st so news on the eom banner will be out while this banner is out so someone interested in both can decide which they want to pull for.

  16. I’m new to this game, why do so many co-op rooms say kaname only?

  17. You get bonus rate for the jackpot rooms and even if you don't you would get 20 link potions and 20 super potions per run regardless

  18. Been getting lots of rainbow pots regularly but I got 100 bs tickets paired with 7k red super this morning. Might just use my 6 pages of tickets on it tn and hope to get crazy luck

  19. If you have Kaname I'd definetly recommend it with full Kaname rooms

  20. the new toshiro would be a good option though, right?

  21. Yup if he's at 1/5, he would definetly be a solid option to 2/5

  22. All inclusive 5 day getaway vacations for a bachelor trip is that far fetched?

  23. Planned by someone they've only seen twice in 4 years?

  24. Those are two very good points in regards to OP's situation. I agree it is a bit out there when considering those facts .

  25. I said several days ago, these events are pure bait, the lucky people of course will love it, but for the most part it's a waste, do the required amount of 100 and jump off, every luck based event will screw most people and let a minority happy, you might think every one is happy because 5-10 people come here and post their jackpot, but keep in mind people are more likely to share their success rather than their misery, most people are like you and me and will regret wasting that many tickets instead of farming PE or Farming the rather easy ER for potions.

  26. Tbh ER is the whole month and there's nothing special about this point event past 5 million points

  27. Informal poll type question here - I'm trying to decide what to spend my surplus tickets on. The choices are -

  28. Thank you! One more question - how to get the 3*/4* for all attributes? Summons from banners and tickets keep on giving me the same attribute I’ve already lvled for orbs

  29. Np, some are from past point events are are unavailable in the summons pool. They eventually come back as 4 stars for sub stories.

  30. NTA, that was seriously messed up. That's one way to go permanently NC.

  31. got new tosh with max cl, and im still getting booted from rooms. so many people just want “kaname or close” it’s irritating as all get out.

  32. What's stopping you from making your own rooms?

  33. I have started my own. I was referring to “kaname only” rooms as the rooms that are filling up the co-op space. And sorry if I want clear, I’m not trying to join those rooms. it just takes forever to find a non “kaname only” room that I can actually join or takes forever for 3 people to jump into my room.

  34. No worries and yes it just makes more sense to make a room of your own

  35. Family member surprised me with a late gift and put $75 on my Steam.

  36. I wouldn't suggest it. Packs don't guarantee any specifc character and the anniversary characters you mentioned can be pulled for free by chance in bbs tickets

  37. You don't even look at PE bonus because its rare for you to not have full bonus

  38. Mind day is just Kenpachi and Byakuya bullying Toshiro for being short

  39. His adult form could have helped Toshiro here but alas perhaps that was also Klab's way of making fun of him as well for being short

  40. Is it weird that I am not using my large xp crystals to easily level up new characters?

  41. Yes because that's precisely what they are for, no other use for them.

  42. Amanda and Josh seem to have a problem with inviting people over to your home.

  43. Yup personally I would have removed the full stam 20 on him, added disabler against speed enemies, given drain on everything and he's good to go

  44. Yeah I don't think it changes him being such a damage machine either, heck I don't think it even affects his SP boost consistency that much since both Ulquoirra and Yama have no issues inflicting with their beam SA1 and SA3 even if he doesn't have their vortex

  45. Yama and Ulquiorra do have trouble proccing their status without their homing vortex, which is exactly the reason they have it.

  46. Is there info out for the new Kaname? I thought all their skills etc were still unknown

  47. Nope probably just prediction from this stage and the game play that's out rn

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