1. Nice!! I'm a big fan of starting fresh in cookie clicker. Hope your new run goes well!

  2. Thats exactly what makes the song so brilliant

  3. it sounds like that kid screaming that he got stung by a wasp autotuned.

  4. Why do these kids get a math test everyday??

  5. Nice run! There are a couple small improvements you can do to go a tad bit faster. For instance, at the end when you jump into a floor portal to get to the platform, you can actually do a circle jump from where you jumped off of to get to the platform. I can post a video of the improvements if you want.

  6. There is literally a paragraph of this kid having a stroke. Most of the time he said grandma poop...

  7. I am now interested... Is that the whole video? Like really? I have never used TikTok but know what idiots are there...

  8. its not the whole video its prolly just this girl simping over some guards

  9. One 18.25 ounce chocolate cake mix. One can prepared coconut pecan frosting

  10. well it was used for advertisements but the worker was prolly doing something else.

  11. demon on lion bee they arent good you cam also remove duplicates like a bubble or a rage bee but because i see that you started the game like about 3 months ago i recommend to remove one of the bubble bees

  12. jeez you should play the game more you would be on the leaderboard if you are playing all day

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