1. Aliens raised in containment are considered non aggressive. Gasopods by nature are non aggressive, but if you spook them they shit toxic poop. If you raise one from an egg, and release it, then spook it, its gonna shit on you.

  2. "An" is used before a vowel sound. Someone must not pronounce the "h" in history, so they use "an" the same way we do when we say "half an hour".

  3. That makes so much more sense. I didn't make the connection with "an hour." Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Yea it doesn’t bother me that my fwb hooks up because we aren’t exclusive either.

  5. Such a polite "fuck you" 😂. Youre a nicer person than me

  6. I feel like I'm glitching in the matrix. Everyday, without fail, some humble dumbass posts pics of this exact style asking "does anyone know what this shit is called" and always, without fail, all the comments go "dunno but its shitwork thats gonna fade next year, don't waste your time."

  7. Wait if she heals and youre full hp, does the excess healing damage grant her some hp from omnivamp

  8. Fuck, my items are shit and I just cannot fucking 2 star this carry to save my life. I've got 60 gold though.... fuck it rush 9 and toss in dragons, easy top 3, ty dev team for giving brain dead monkeys like myself an out when I play poorly

  9. Best : Rakan, insane traits, is in every comp even very late in the game, can take trash items and doesn’t even need one to be useful

  10. I fully believe zoe is the worst 5 cost unit. Every streamer I watch is like "oh wow, early zoe, gg" then proceeds to lose streak. She's hot fucking garbage and idk why anyone prioritizes her unless they just need that extra mage or shimmerscale in their comp.

  11. Theres that new objection spell for mages. If you're not running a mage deck with that included, i guess you'll just get fucked. Feelsbadman

  12. I just hit masters after being stuck all set in d2 by forcing shi oh yu + jayce. You can play it every game consistently because you don't need to 3 star anything, just play tempo n pick good augments

  13. Soy with jayce? Neither have trait overlap though, iirc. Im curious how this works together? I've seen shyvanna jayce p often

  14. It's on the tft tactics top comps thing, its 7 jade with 2 shape shifter. U go 8 and run 7 jade with Jayce and Olaf for bruiser and warrior

  15. So you need gnar in there too, that makes more sense

  16. That is a beautiful tattoo. Artist did amazing work

  17. "They're probably a bottom support and toxic"

  18. Was told by a friend in masters to "just build bramble vest/dragon claw" on the tank to counter it.

  19. Oh thank goodness. Here i was thinking I was the anomaly, ty I feel better

  20. Ugh, this happens to me all the time. I usually end up braiding it so it falls down the center of my back, or put it up in a

  21. Bro I want hair like that jfc. Rapunzel

  22. Those stats are too good for cost. Maybe give it +1 attack and make it cost 4?

  23. I love that this reply is a shitpost and you STILL got downvoted😂😂 hearthstone community dont fuck with 4 mana 7/7

  24. I'm honestly still offended that secret passage works as it does. 1 mana swap 4 is SO FUCKING POWERFUL. Aggro decks become an absolute joke, games are lucky to make it to turn 7 before ending. Even if your opponent somehow manages to counter/survive past 7, and you're running out of steam, who gives a fuck? 1/8 people beat you. 7/8 of the time you win and climb. At that point the deck becomes a job and you care more about time efficiency than deck efficiency. You're likely to concede to move on to the next win rather than try to "outplay" your opponent.

  25. Honestly, if I was in the elder scrolls series, I'd be a humble npc raising horses or fishing or some shit. I'd aspire to study magic but I'd be doubtful I'd get to. I'd probably agree with or worship azura just because of the princes, shes the least likely to fuck up my boring, mundane life

  26. I mean, you might not know what happened, but Azura might have just used you in a bet between her and Sheogorath, and almost gotten you killed.

  27. All of the princes are malicious in their own way. Of them, I think azura is least likely to drastically fuck my life

  28. I didnt realize bards damage amp only worked while the targets are stunned. I assumed it was like Asol lasting 10 seconds or whatever. Really makes bard seem pretty fuckn weak. Would only want him for his traits, or if I'm desperate for a 3 star 4 cost id get him to increase my chances in shop

  29. With that much gold into a unit, especially a 5 cost unit, i would expect you win no contest UNLESS opponent has a 3 star 5 cost as well. A bit fucked that bard is that easily countered.

  30. The damage amp really should apply through CC immunity

  31. Especially because of its short duration. 9999% increased damage for... 2 seconds? I mean we saw how effective that was. The least the could do is have it apply regardless of cc status

  32. When your tattoo parlor wants to stop creating waste from needles so they just reuse the only one they have

  33. I'm constantly battered with inane questions like, "What happened to that apprentice mage?" and "Why does the well water taste so bitter?" and "Why do you have black soul gems in your nightstand?".

  34. Hey I went and got your fucking ring, it was heavy as shit. Can I get my letter of rec now please and thank you? Fucking butt ass naked dripping wet trying to get this ring, its the least you can do

  35. Damn, where was your support when everything went down for me? Jk🙂 I'm glad you're helping your cousin. My advice, don't tell his parents/family where he is. Give vague answers that you've been in contact with him and he is doing okay.

  36. I thought taking damage cancelled flight and reset its cooldown to 6 seconds?

  37. Once activated, nothing stops the flight. You can delay it with chromies time trap or medivh ley line seal, but once the effect ends, he will fly.

  38. Deathwing's level 16 talent {{Gaze Onto Destruction}} causes his landing damage to reduce enemy damage by 75% for 5 seconds, along with adding a 40% slow. This is often the strongest thing Deathwing can do, and in many situations represents the majority of his contribution to teamfights.

  39. This as well. There is some benefit to this leapfrogging, but a good dw player should be able to land and pump out some cc/damage/zoning. If theyre just poking or trying to potentially set up a play, leapfrogging could be useful. Depends what the player is trying to achieve

  40. Show me the ugly? I can't see it in the pic

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