Jeffrey Epstein autopsy explained

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  1. The term “Conspiracy Theory” is much further reaching than that. Doesn’t have to be a small group of people, isn’t limited to the concept of staying in power. If you believed that everyone at the office farted in your coffee this morning while you were in the bathroom, that’s a conspiracy theory.

  2. As long as their talking about Trump they aren't paying attention to Biden.

  3. Nah it’s just that it’s a spicy story compared to most of the regular shit that goes on, even if the whole thing is just a nothing burger. The Left isn’t gonna cover Biden honestly anyway, to the point where half the country sees the countless dementia gaffes Biden makes on a day to day basis and the other half doesn’t and thinks we’re making it up when we say he’s getting dementia.

  4. They have been washed countless times!

  5. From now on whenever you get them, pour some water on it/through it. This usually prevents them from staining up for me.

  6. Trump was the president and his appointee William Bar was in charge of the justice department. That’s all I’m saying…

  7. Trump’s first AG, Jeff Sessions, was the one who started the Epstein investigation that led to his arrest. Just saying…

  8. I thought environmentalism was supposed to be a conservative mindset, but Republicans seem to really oppose it for some reason

  9. Environmentalism if you’re talking about specific things like preserving nature and wildlife, cleaning up the oceans, etc. I’ve never met a conservative who says they don’t care about any of that, it’s specifically the man-made climate change narrative and the giant jump to change everything. Rush Limbaugh once said something like “the climate change agenda has everything the Left wants policy wise wrapped up like a present” I think that pretty much sums up the right wing view on it, they think it’s mostly a giant ploy.

  10. Is there actually a conspiracy behind his death? If so, mind pointing me in the direction

  11. He crashed into a tree and then his car straight up exploded.

  12. I think some rules are understandable but shutting ur phone and computer off at 10? Wtf is that?

  13. “Do any of these moments include video games? Probably not.”

  14. This sums up the intelligence of this sub pretty well

  15. Yeah this is clearly a joke, he’s 5’8” as Google says. Can confirm bc I’m 5’10” and met Alex Jones, he’s the same height as me and you can see from pictures that Joe is just a little shorter so makes sense.

  16. You should look at European football and how the fans live like its a religion to them

  17. Yeah literally have riots even if their team wins.

  18. So 1/4 of the buildings managed to smash the other 3/4 of heavier (buildings are made heaviest at bottom and lightest at top) cold steel into rubble at near free fall speed without slowing down, falling off the side, etc?

  19. I don’t agree with most of his politics but unlike most politicians the man genuinely believes what he says and wants the best for Americans. That’s damn respectable.

  20. Agreed but it seemed like he lost some of his “soul” after the DNC cheated him (which we all know happened) out of the 2016 primary. After that it seemed like he just totally went with whatever the mainstream Left Wing narrative was, while before he seemed to really base his positions on his own views.

  21. Sorry, I only understand Apple Pie Baseball HotDog Budweiser Ford Freedom Units.

  22. There’s a rarely discussed upside where it thrusts people into the necessity of growing up. So many people who reach adulthood take forever to actually start facing adult life and being forced to make changes can really help that. However once you do obtain this maturity and self-reliance you also realize that you can’t really do much with it because you have kids to tend to. Still better than never really growing up is what I’m saying.

  23. How much water do you drink? Been asking everyone this same question bc you need to drink a LOT.

  24. Okay so, maybe I don’t understand bc I’m not a girl, but believe me that when he says he doesn’t care, he probably not only doesn’t care but doesn’t even think about it. I had terrible acne until I used accutane, much worse than my GF. Whenever she has acne she’s always self conscious about it but I literally like pay no mind to it. Hope this helps.

  25. How much water do you drink? I would be drinking at least 3 quarts a day. Not only does it get on your lips but it obviously moisturizes everything on your body through your body.

  26. Sounds pretty normal. I cleared up after Accutane but still get the occasional small whitehead, blackhead, or zit that goes away within a few days.

  27. This is my exact story I am still experiencing hair loss 2 months after stopping but hoping very much that it will regrow at least partially 🙏🙏

  28. This makes sense because I remember my doctor telling me that the Accutane stays in your system for around 2 months after you stop.

  29. One thing I can say is keep it up. I had terrible acne and it almost got worse for the first 3 or so months, then started to clear good for a while, then I was getting the occasional spontaneous breakouts like you’re describing. That also discouraged me but I kept taking it for a couple more months and was good. I remember that I even started to get lazy and would only take one like 5 times a week when I was supposed to take it twice a day, then just stopped entirely before my derm recommended and my acne never came back.

  30. “Nuke-ular” instead of Nuclear.

  31. Okay so you mention the important thing, that it doesn’t mean there wasn’t foul play. Whether Epstein killed himself (with cameras off), or was killed (with cameras off), or was merely escorted away (with cameras off). Everybody knows that there was bullshit going on.

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