1. well, it's not really hard, it just takes a long time

  2. dude, with the way that question is written I started thinking about "Avatar Iroh" and I want that concept to be real now

  3. use an Uno reverse card and beat his ass instead

  4. like this I'd say 2 but it might depend on what the rest of the game looks like

  5. ah yes, because these games make completely perfect sense otherwise

  6. nah you see, the ketchup is in the wrong spot, someone must have moved it. We check the spot where the Ketchup SHOULD be and when it's not there we assume there is no ketchup at all

  7. don't listen to the comments telling you that there are Mimics in this game, there aren't. They want to trick you into thinking there are so you would hit chests, but if you hit wooden chests to hard they break, which also breaks the item inside and turns it into rubbish.

  8. I just want Lin to have a new art that involves throwing Tatsu at the enemy

  9. They kind of do in some scenes, especially in water

  10. Why are you level 65 before reaching the castle? I was 40 and overleveled from doing all the side quests by this point.

  11. the new pokemon games suck, I miss the old days of Sword and Shield

  12. just give me a faster run speed and I'm all good

  13. dude, I want a whacky looking house like this later

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