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  1. He's finding out that a website is what it allows. If you allow literally anyone into your website say literally anything, you have a website filled with racism and hatred that advertisers will not join and many countries will simply ban. It's not 'woke' to ban white supremacy or anti semitism, it's literally just business.

  2. How many times was everyone going to "leave Reddit" a few years back because of their content-moderation policies, and there was this mirror site that I can't even remember the name of, and the entire site was absolutely nothing but racism and pedophilia, because the only people who went there were the people who wanted to post things Reddit wouldn't allow?

  3. Internet culture: aww capybaras! big sweet chill bois, so cute

  4. Am I a bad person for noticing that no more than one member ever appears in the same shot? Did they all shoot this at green screens at their respective homes?

  5. I always felt the Taxxons were one of the weaker elements of the series. Their home world didn't make much sense, for one thing: for being endlessly ravenously hungry, it was never particularly clear what their natural prey was supposed to be. For another, it's kind of surprising that the Yeerks would even want them as hosts, given how incredibly useless they are: having one as a host would be willfully submitting oneself to agonizing hunger, as well as making oneself pathetically weak in body and absurdly easy to kill. It's repeatedly made clear that having them in a battle is more harm than help: the moment that one goes down, the rest just turn on them and eat them. Better to just leave them at home and go all Hork-Bajir, all the time, really.

  6. The inability to adjust the defensive plan was just a brutal indictment of how ass Collins really is. There was one plan: shut down their big guy. Pitt answered by shooting 67% from behind the arc. Collins changed nothing.

  7. I'm only gonna watch until the end because I'm playing online PLO poker and I'm up three buyins so I don't wanna leave my table.

  8. This one's not our night. Honestly, I can't even really identify anything we're doing wrong. Too many fouls, I guess. And just not shooting well enough. But that's going to be our whole season.

  9. Sonata Arctica - White Pearl, Black Oceans

  10. Also, the woman that he spends the night with is on the ship that crashes (presumably on its way out from the port) and when he is charged, it is by (or perhaps he is assaulted by) the woman's husband, or lover, the father of her child anyway.

  11. How can you go wrong with a story that features something called the "Flying Fortress Figaro?"

  12. After losing so many key players last season, the success of Purdue was dependent on how confidently these freshman could play. I haven’t seen freshman come out this strong since 2007. Baby boilers 2.0. This is a 3 point shooting team with the option of a very good 7’4” center, and a deep bench.

  13. Maybe if you caught Buie on one of the 3 days a year that he goes nuts from 3 (as opposed to the other 25 days when he shoots 1-8).

  14. Brother of Metal's songs are all about. Worse Mythology. 10/10 great band

  15. Boooooo! The orange version of any candy is always the best.

  16. My favorite thing about the poem is that "galumphing" and especially "chortle" were made-up words that are now just normal English.

  17. If you do the price of parking and Uber, many times Uber ends up being cheaper by a few bucks and not having the worry for car dings and such, might be worth it. But I also understand wanting to get in your car when you come home and not take an Uber cause you’re tired, etc.

  18. I'm taking the wife to Cancun end of this week for a few days, and we're going to park in the Rosemont Blue Line lot and take the Blue to and from O'Hare. Was our cheapest option. We've done it before.

  19. Hourglass isn’t attached to a hero, it’s played to a location

  20. Oh, whoops. We weren't supposed to attach it to an ally in the first place. So it never should have been stolen by Abu.

  21. Actually I think I’m wrong, I forgot abu steals all items so it can be attached, but it just goes back in play at that location

  22. Yeah, no longer attached to Abu, just back at that location. I got it now. This game is complex, I feel like there will be a lot of edge cases and questions that we have!

  23. I'd like to imagine instead of going back to andalite society, he turns himself human nothlit and integrates himself into human society, and gets therapy

  24. I do think he might end up as a nothlit of some stripe. We saw throughout the series how popular it is as an escape from trauma for Andalites (Elfangor, Menderash, Aldrea) and later on Yeerks, and even for someone like Tobias.

  25. If you offer free speech to everyone it takes about a week for everyone half decent to be pushed out by new trolls thinking their clever, old trolls playing the game beautifully and confused bigots screaming into the void. Nothing of use happens and other places on the Internet remain, as ever, mostly safe from twattery.

  26. I think its about time the first Pirates of the Carribean is put up in the classic status. The movie just does everything right.

  27. I've thought for a long time that it deserves to be held up as a classic.

  28. I lived in an apartment by the tracks in La Grange for a few years after graduating college -- basically the "ghetto area" of La Grange, because it was all I could afford, haha.

  29. Honestly only a matter of chance that it was Jon Schaffer and not Mustaine who got busted at Jan. 6.

  30. Newspaper comics as well. Bloom County, Doonesbury, etc, all ripped into him in the 80's and 90's and into the 2000's.

  31. People tell me "oh you loved Trump before he ran as a Republican," and I admit that I was once excited to spend a night in the Chicago Trump Tower hotel because of the luxury association, but I also knew the man himself was an immense joke because I grew up reading my parents' Doonesbury collections.

  32. The last season being what it was retroactively hurts the rest of the show, since it means that there's no actual payoff to all the things it seemed to be setting up. People overlooked its flaws for so long because they assumed it was going somewhere satisfying.

  33. "Overlooking flaws because you assume they're going somewhere satisfying, but they never get there and never resolve half of what they were setting up" is infuriatingly common. Lost was the first big example, Game of Thrones of course, and lately I really had that feeling with Kingdom Hearts as well, that I'd been willing to swallow so much nonsense over the years because I was expecting it all to gel together at some point (the way, for instance, KHII makes everything from KH:CoM make sense) but it never did, it just drowned in its own nonsense and forwent any internal consistency.

  34. As someone involved in hiring - no. I keep a list of the people who refuse to follow online directions and specifically do not hire them.

  35. My mom still pesters me about job networking and the like, and I've still gotten every job after my first by just spam-applying anything matching my skill-set that pops up on Indeed.

  36. Ok so I took an intro to Philosophy class in college. This is circa 2001 so flat earth not a big thing yet. Well out professor says "the earth is flat prove me wrong.". So everyone is going through the normal ways to prove it. And seeing as this was the professors lesson he had some, relatively speaking, decent arguments.

  37. When I was a kid, they taught us how to convince Pharaoh the earth was round:

  38. You don't. But by guaranteeing rights to the worst, you guarantee them for all. It's why the Eighth Amendment doesn't say "no cruel or unusual punishment (except for the real bastards, do whatever the fuck you want to them)." The law has to be a consistent standard, or else it's completely arbitrary depending on where any given person draws the line.

  39. Yeah, same, that action goes that way I think it's either TT (the nuts after the flop) or maybe 99.

  40. Yeah, but those hands are way ahead, whereas AT/A9 is much closer so the runout would feel more like a kick in the nuts to OP.

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