1. Cowboys drafted Ezekiel Elliott over Jalen Ramsey and Taco Charlton over TJ Watt.

  2. Volpe is a lead off hitter. Not immediately but I would imagine in 2024, he’s getting almost all of the leadoff hitter opportunities even if DJ is healthy.

  3. If Cam Smith fell that far and went just before Dallas, I think I’d have a mental breakdown.

  4. I get this, but I want the Packers in. I would trust the Packers to put up a much better fight against the Vikings or 49ers than the Commanders ever could. Imagine the Packers with no expectations and no added weight on their shoulders? They could definitely take out one or more of the big fish in the playoffs which would make a Cowboys path easier if they finally decide to win in January.

  5. NEVER!!!!!!! Always need a scapegoat. Grass will always be greener. We want sean payton......it's because of Dan Quinn and kellen moore.... he only won one with Aaron Rodgers.

  6. Kellen Moore is arguably the reason this team hasn’t reached its ceiling yet lol

  7. Mystery team tweet from Heyman means he's close to signing somewhere and Boras is fishing for final offers

  8. Yup Rodon is signing this week and possibly in the next 72 hours

  9. They went from Teoscar Hernandez to Brandon Nimmo to Bryan Reynolds to… Kevin Kiermaier…

  10. Yeah this ain’t real lol he’s gonna play unless he decides himself he doesn’t want to. And if he doesn’t want to, he won’t get signed

  11. Am I crazy for thinking Ezekiel Elliott? I know the eye test isn’t fantastic but he’s remained consistently good and will probably have the stats on paper to be a possible HOFer if he keeps up this pace for another 3-4 years. Could be boosted if he adds on a Super Bowl

  12. Bobby vs Brock maybe? They’d be smart to save that last match for Mania though

  13. You’ve also chosen pictures where her outfit is completely different. One is no makeup, hair down and in a tank top and the other is with the braid, glasses, makeup and a full pink kiss mark body suit.

  14. Turpin should be used as a weapon to open up opportunities for others, not as an actual receiver. Lining him up for deep routes from the slot or wheel routes from the backfield I’m 100% fine with but I would never have him take slants or dump offs where he’s nearly guaranteed to get rammed on the play. Need to protect the return man.

  15. Nah I’m sorry bruh Carr is straight up DOOKIE this year, I’m taking multiple guys over him who aren’t listed. Dak, Cousins the two main ones

  16. Maybe on a 1 day contract but I don’t know if they’d trade Mac for one day of Brady

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