1. If it’s true sharp must’ve won cuz if wack beat the fuck out of him, it would be on the internet the next day

  2. I mean isn’t this illegal to do in front of thousands of people as a business

  3. Here’s her info. Don’t pay shit when it’s free. You’re Welcome.

  4. I just didn’t want to post it cuz last time she took the page down that was made of her, I would give the info if people messaged me

  5. She not a working girl she just posted nudes and sex videos, I can give u her Twitter just message me

  6. Hawaiian Gardens history goes way back. The vato that started the Mexican Mafia was from Hawaiian Gardens.

  7. Yeah Hawaiian gardens is small but they are the biggest gang raid in U.S. history

  8. I’m not familiar with Norwalk myself but there was a cat I knew a few years ago who was Neighborhood Norwalk. He was I believe Tiny Weasel ? He was super young when he got killed in Norwalk he was 16 and his brother who was a weasel as well got killed a few years prior also In Norwalk. Not sure if the names ring a bell

  9. I mean El Salvador is starting to become the safety Latin country in Central America

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