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  1. Also doesn’t the time zone effect this? Because pretty sure in other places it is morning, so does this mean allah come in the morning too. Or he came back to that place when it is night later on? He sure has a lot of free time.

  2. I've been waiting for years for this to happen, and now my favourite character and I share the same birthday 😊

  3. Sometimes I wonder, doesn't it ever get tiring? Like, people don't like to listen although it's true.

  4. For me, it's because I find him relatable, he hates the people around him. And behind his evilness lies a child who's innocence was corrupted by society. Although that doesn't entirely justify his actions, I got no problems with him because he's just fictional.

  5. From this and previous leak, it looks like ~10 seconds of flight time if you don't dash or jump, and ~5 seconds of flight time if you're continually dashing.

  6. On this video, he seemed to absorb hydro, so he should've began with 20 additional floating points

  7. What is propaganda is the fact that people think and spread lies that Muhammed beat women, when he never did, ever. He is not perfect as he is a man, the

  8. Yes. Apologists try to claim that women in that era were “different” and they were content to have sex with the men who had slaughtered their fathers, brothers and children in exchange for food and a roof over their heads. Like the women are callous, uncaring machines or some shit like that. Of course, Muslim women of that era would not allow a non-Muslim to take them like that, it’s only consensual when the pillaging, mass-killing army is Muslim.

  9. Yeah they believe fucking a 9-year-old doesn't make you a pedophile

  10. Then they resort to whataboutism regarding how prominent figures married at an younger age.

  11. Just because it was normal back then shouldn't make it halal. Alcohol, bribery, gambling were all normal back in the days, yet, those are haram.

  12. Huh? Hes misinterpreted them clearly. And whats wrong with sex slavery. The west is sex mad. And used to practice slavery just 100 yesrs ago.

  13. Monkey? It's a fucking volatile humper. I bet he has porn in his phone too

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