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  1. Using the physical scancode you might be able to

  2. It's the lens protectors, take them off and the problem will be gone.

  3. This. Trust me, I’m a videographer and I use my phone a lot; iPhone lenses are incredibly sturdy. You don’t need a lens protector.

  4. I’ve heard Journey is similar and looks pretty good.

  5. As some people have pointed out the main issue is that the light is wrong. Problem is that when the lighting is right the object will probably blend in with the road a lot, so it will be kind hard to see unfortunately.

  6. Maybe you should change the material a bit to look slightly different from the road. (That is, if you are doing the 3D work too.)

  7. I mean if you get to that point in the game, you clearly can’t be killed even with spartan sandles. I haven’t even cleared with 1bc yet.

  8. I wouldn’t call it scary, but it is certainly a great design. It looks like it came straight out of an EvilDead movie. 2 for scariness, 10 for quality.

  9. Petition to add a wholesome ending to the queen and the sea dlc 😔

  10. That's the new crossover skin for risk of rain. You can get it by activating an altar and killing two little black figures that come out of it

  11. Martha is a great companion. Her only problem was the "I love you Doctor. Why you don't notice me?" thing.

  12. Universe copyright law is a part of Shadow Proclamation

  13. Soul Knight, which is a great mobile rouguelite bullet hell. The devs of DC and the devs of SK are friends, so there is a lot of crossover content between them.

  14. As I posted here many times before Hero Siege is the best premium ARPG on iOS , along w/ TQ

  15. I personally don't like it because of the artstyle, but people love Darkest Dungeon. mechanically it's a quality game, lots of depth and replayability, but I just couldn't fall in love with it.

  16. It just depends on the actor. A great American Doctor is better then a horrible British one.

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