I’m Chris Stuckmann, a YouTuber and Filmmaker, and I’m directing my debut feature, Shelby Oaks! AMA!

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  1. 14.57m2 loi carrez ... on peut arrondir

  2. Yes. The first one took about 700 hours, the 2nd one about 400, and the last one I read the most efficient unlock pattern and I only died 3 times in the whole save file.

  3. Hey do you mind sharing where did you find the tutorial for the most efficient unlock pattern ?

  4. Is it a project “just for fun” or something with professional ambitions? If you don’t consider yourself a script writer you could just as wel give ChatGPT a try, it’s pretty good at generating short film scripts. But don’t expect anything unique.

  5. It's technically for fun but I'd really like to be as professional as possible. I've thought about chatgpt but my problem is more about the process of translating my ideas into a script then a scene, rather than to come up with a story

  6. I'm a writer. Dm me. I can help you turn your ideas into a 3-5 page story.

  7. I'm at work rn but will do ! I'm still interested if you can suggest any material I can check out, so I learn how to procede in the future

  8. I'm in Rabat for 3 weeks and I don't know what to do ; I have no friends here anymore and I'm bored out of my mind

  9. Since you prefer 2 in 1 and you are going to do video editing which requires powerful GPU and CPU, I would recommend Acer ConceptD 3 because it comes with i7-10750H Hexa-Core CPU, 16GB of ram, good SSD storage of 512GB for faster boot up and loading, 14 inch Full HD IPS touch screen,Wi-Fi 6,GTX 1650 Max-Q Laptop GPU, high build quality, and backlit keyboard.

  10. Thanks for the answer ! Those look great but I'd still prefer to keep my budget under 800$, and those are a bit more expensive from what I've found ...

  11. 2900€ net par mois, Consultant en IT, 27 ans, Paris

  12. Hey Chris, long time fan here ! I really love what you do on Youtube and looking forward to watching your debut feature

  13. Ah, bonne nouvelle alors ! OP, appelle ta protection juridique si tu en as une

  14. Protection juridique ? Je pense pas avoir ça sous le coude " Je dois contacter un avocat c'est ça ?

  15. Ça peut être une option avec l'assurance habitation. Sinon, il y a des consultations gratuites

  16. If budget is no issue, I’d get the XT4. If budget was an issue, I’d consider getting an XT3, possibly even used as I frequently see used XT3’s with little to no wear going for cheap. You’re really only losing out on the IBIS, which I’d argue is no big deal.

  17. Yeah I saw the new sigma lenses, they look awesome Yeah maybe waiting for the xt5 to come out would be a good idea, the xt4 would be cheaper used then

  18. No not really. If you already understand the "exposure triangle" (or whatever you'd like to call it). Then it's not hard. You can still configure the camera to operate very similar to PASM, but without the PASM control. For example, I usually shoot in aperture priority A mode... on a fuji you configure your auto-ISO (probably already saved... only need to do it once), set SS and ISO dials to "A" setting, then move your aperture ring to whatever you want. Rinse & repeat for other modes or you can go full M and set every dial to what you want. It is different than PASM, but functionally it's more or less the same and it's great when you get the muscle memory down.

  19. Thanks for the thorough answer. I didn't know you could configure a traditional fuji camera to operate like PASM. I guess you're right, it'll ultimately come down to which one I prefer when handle them, the differences seem minor

  20. C'est difficile de faire ça si tu ne nous dis pas ce que tu comptes en faire. Plutot gaming ? Montage ? Autre ? Plutot AMD ou Intel ? Plutot AMD on Nvidia ?

  21. Just download "Return Youtube Dislike" add-on. It works great.

  22. Does it work on Mac? It doesnt work for me...

  23. It only works for chrome and Firefox i think

  24. Hey weld nnass. Va faire tes études, va prendre ton diplome, va demander ta nationalité. C'est complétement ton droit et c'est la décision la plus réfléchie. Sache juste que anytime you'll feel homesick le Maroc sera toujours là ! Y'a du bon et du mauvais ici mais le bon en vaut vraiment la peine

  25. Dans tout les cas je reviendrais toujours au Maroc, parceque même si je me sens aujourd'hui un peu étranger dans les deux pays, le fait est j'aime revenir au Maroc, ça me fait du bien.

  26. I'm not romanticizing anything, as I said France has its problems. Corruption and government fraud litteraly destroyed my family in morocco. So screw decency.

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