1. Alls I can hear while seeing this is N64 Mario lava burns sounds.

  2. DM me your info and I'll send a stock Ender 3 printing surface in decent condition. It's just been chillin in the closet and looks like you'll need it.

  3. Maybe someone needed a way to cover his forbidden third hole, and came up with this monstrosity?


  5. Bro, hit me up in Hoffman Orca chat. I'm running Overture PLA Pro in black and will share all my settings.

  6. Yes listen to no dogs in space and also yes they’re respected in the rap community.

  7. This! Was gonna say Kamikaze's cover is a huge shout-out to Beastie Boys.

  8. The thing about the Spider that I don't like is it takes special Creality nozzles.

  9. I can't wait to vote no on this garbage.

  10. You can see the whole hot end assembly moving up and down about 1mm when running over the areas already printing. That looks like too much movement. Is your whole hot end carriage loose? You might wanna check and see if you can tighten that up as well.

  11. Sorry if this is dumb, but How would I tighten the hot end carriage? If I recall correctly it came built together and I slipped it into the X axis rail. I tightened my belt already, but I do notice some slippage. It’s as if the wheels are slightly separated from the rail.

  12. First check the three wheels. Grab the hex key and little wrench and tighten them up. They don't need too much torque, try not to overdo it. Next undo the two fan cage screws, and then check the two screws holding your hotend. Sometimes those can come loose too.

  13. eSun pla + is what I started out with, couldn't get rid of some stringing issues.

  14. Make your own. The hardest parts to get are the threaded stock rods, which I just found out I can get at my local ACE Hardware store. Just have to cut them to length.

  15. Timing on revolvers scares the hell out of me. That's my reason I think the Aurora would be better. In case you cared. Still, GL!

  16. I hadn’t heard of this but now I really want to try it

  17. I can literally taste this photo. Had a boss that brought some back from Korea while on vacation. Goldfish flakes, but the smell. Tasted exactly like goldfish food smells. If that makes any sense...

  18. "gun cad developer index" is the exact search you're looking for

  19. OOh ooh I know this one. I remember in class the instructor was asked this same question. His response was something to the effect of "this is a consealed handgun license, not a fucking ninja permit" was classic.

  20. Guy was asking about some fucking cane sword.

  21. Idk man, you all may want to reconsider. My gut is telling me that could be a family poop knife. Just sayin...

  22. Yeah 4inches of penetration on humans is not nearly enough. That's because humans have bone and cartilage protecting most vital points. Also because bullets can impact limbs on way to vitals. FBI recommends a minimum of 12" of penetration for this reason.

  23. Look at the ballistics gel test on the website. The main projectile goes straight all the way through. It fragments at 4". The main body zipped right the fuck through.

  24. PDX, east side. Am lonely. Loves short walks down a gravel pit past Estacada early in the mornings. Hmu.


  26. That's the beginning of a Hillbilly Sushi roll.

  27. I have malfunctions with Tula out of my 11.5" ballistic advantage barrel. I came here looking for answers and 95% of the comments are "It works fine in mine" or "if it doesn't shoot steel it doesn't deserve brass".

  28. 223 Wylde barrel and and cheap bcg made Tula stick for me too. Would get stuck casings damn near once every other mag. Got myself a nice brass tapping rod just for Tula. Paint can opener would work ~50%, other times had to get the rod. Makes for good malfunction training.

  29. I’ve got two stags. Everyone is going to tell you to buy a aero complete lower. And a bcm upper. You’re not building you’re basically doing what you’ll do when you clean whatever you buy. In my experience the stags are alright. Your handguard might be a little wobbly. Also might have some sharp machining. The wobbles for the price you are paying imo aren’t acceptable. Rough machining ehh that’s whatever doesn’t bother me. They shoot well. Keep it lubed. You’ll want to swap trigger but other than that it’s not bad out of the box. Doesn’t come with even plastic magpul BUIS so for 900-1000 I’d assume your paying is also meh. But that’s my biased opinion on what to buy out of these three

  30. My very first build I did was a Stag Blem lower. I had some rattle in the lower to upper as well. I then found out my Stag Lower has a upper to lower tension screw with poly bushing on top of the screw. Remove the grip to access the bolt. No more rattle/wiggle.

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