1. My relationships as an adult were more meaningful to me than the ones I had as a kid, even amongst some platonic ones tbh. But ESPECIALLY among any flailing attempt at romance. Teenagers barely understand their own feelings, and… to keep this from going on I’ll leave it at that. But idk, it was really shallow. Maybe a few things were fun, it’s fun to buy hot chocolate in the park and go to the movies and pick out safe little outings like that. But mostly it was… meh. I got dumped for reasons such as “you have band practice on Friday because you’re in band but I WANT to go to a movie so this just isn’t gonna work out, we’re done.” and “idk I got a crush on someone else sorry?”(via text lmao) I was never emotionally damaged by these but moreso kinda annoyed or relived. Ah well.

  2. This reminds of the time a kid broke up with me because I’m lactose intolerant (this was elementary so we were real tiny, 4/5 grade)

  3. I would so recommend “going out with yourself” on a date or going on a not-date with a trusted friend. Absolutely grand time to have.

  4. If you truly suspect you’re allergic to something you should see a doctor that specializes in allergies to give you a panel and some blood work up.

  5. Im aego and I love writing or reading erotica and shipping. The second someone expressed attraction to me though it’s like it’s no fun anymore, and all the air goes out of the room. I’ve had to try and explain this to multiple rp partners who think me being open to flirting IC while explicitly within a roleplay forums/areas. means I wanted to date them irl. No, no it doesn’t bud. I’m not even attracted to you. I just thought the characters had a fun dynamic.

  6. Sometimes I just do something nice for my friends. Last year we had a “single Pringle chips and movie” get together for the friends in our circle who weren’t going on dates. I’ve had partners on Valentines day too.

  7. Saya no uta, i dont know if this is mild in the visual novel space but im pretty new to the genre so yeah that is my pic. It didnt help that i bought the nsfw scenes as well.

  8. Saya is pretty up there, though there are more “hardcore” gory stuff out there I think it’s a masterfully crafted little fucked up horror game.

  9. Brrr dead end aegis made my shoulders hurt I would get so tense while reading it. I think it was interesting (and the artwork was just masterful) but damn it was dark up until the endings.

  10. Virginity is such a toxic concept imo, am I a virgin because I’ve never been sexually active with another person? Did I lose it masturbating? Getting a pelvic exam? Pelvic surgery? Using dilators to correct a muscular problem?

  11. How do they feel about relationships where one person has a health condition that prevents sex? Like ED, or vaginismus, or a chronic pain condition…. Like, there are so many reasons why someone may not be able to have a normal sex life. Should they give up on romance forever?

  12. As an ace with vaginismus, threads for chronic illness and vaginismus are tragically rife with breakup and divorce stories.

  13. Where did you file a report? I have wanted to do this a couple times but could never figure out who to report to.

  14. Contacted the hospital and filled out a form, or you can find your state(if you live in the US) your state’s medical board and they should have a formal complaint process as well since your doctor is licensed to practice in your state.

  15. If you’re comfortable physically, it’s totally safe and fine, there’s no added (injury) risk for having sex on your period, it just may involve more clean up.

  16. I used to, sometimes it worsens when my bladder endo inflames worse I think. I also had to go to a pelvic PT for a bit (again) when I was unable to urinate for a short time (like urgency but with a mostly empty bladder) and it seems to have calmed itself down now with a med adjustment again.

  17. They feel very expansive in a way that sometimes more linear stories do not (even if some of my favorite vn’s are linear.) in a romance novel you don’t often get to truly decide how things play out with the rival love interest in a love triangle, in a vn they may have a completely fleshed out story just for them if you’re most interested in that character. In mystery and sci fi vn’s they can truly ground-hog-day loop you like a video game without making you feel bogged down, encouraging you to explore, and choose, and think about the different perspectives you gain from this format.

  18. if you're considering those you should just get a standard TENS unit, it'll be cheaper overall and just as if not much more effective. Products that are pushed heavily as being "only" for period pain tend to be more expensive to buy and more cheaply made sadly.

  19. These people look at the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s and the rise of women’s rights as a bad thing because divorce rates started to clime during this period. Divorce is not the issue. The issue is that before divorce was normalized, a woman was forced to stay in a bad marriage. Staying married doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It just means that people don’t have the ability to get out of a toxic or bad marriage.

  20. Divorce rates being up (they’re not by the way, they’re lower than they have been for 30 years, speculated due to delayed marriage age) is not even necessarily a bad thing: it means people who don’t want to or just can’t be together anymore are both recognizing that and moving on. Better to divorce than stay together because of social shame or a lack of options.

  21. To be fair, hormones can have a huge impact on the libido.

  22. I’m aromantic and asexual, I do still have a libido though and my hormones are messed up for other (PCOS) reasons. Libido ≠ Sexuality. I mean allosexual (not-asexual) people tend to KNOW when their libido is whack too, it’s not the one-to-one correlation or “gotcha” that people think it is when it comes to asexual folks.

  23. I'm aroace and have been told that i need my hormones checked, that I'm 'sabotaging my own happiness' and that I've obviously got some kind of sexual trauma.

  24. I hate how common that sort of reaction is for aroace folks, I wish you peace from that annoying bullshit that plagues us so.

  25. It was certainly one of many reasons I left. Definitely in the top 10.

  26. Totally - I had no interest in internal toys until my 30s, I tried one earlier but it was meh. And the ones I have now vibrate and are smaller than my husband - some of us have small vaginas just like some guys have small penises… it’s not that complicated. The thought of buying a giant dildo is the least sexy thing I can think of personally, but that’s just me.

  27. Truue if I’m ever on a sex toy site I always spend time combing through the dimensions of them looking for the smallest possible toys because I’ve got pelvic issues, (and I don’t want to store something unwieldy or uncomfortable to hold either) and accidentally bruising those muscles or struggling to manage ain’t my idea of a good time, I’m not into it.

  28. I don’t know if it’s just been so long or if I’ve developed that psychological issue that contracts your vaginal muscles, but sometimes I can barely get my toy in. It’s been a dozen years. I kinda want to buy a dildo just to see if I can get it in. I don’t want to be like this.

  29. Dilator kits start real small and get bigger, they’re kinda like really boring dildos. I got a mid sized tapered set recently since I graduated from the tiny tiny ones. Vaginismus is really common for reasons besides anxiety too though, (mine was physical, I had a lot of muscle wasting and weakness in my pelvic region due to a disease, leaving them too weak to relax and contract correctly on their own even without being “anxious” about it) it’s gotten way better but sometimes I don’t wanna go through the deep breathing and mild yoga stretches ritual beforehand so I still tend to prefer small toys when I’m not doing physical therapy, as it were.

  30. BBLs are amongst the more dangerous of all plastic surgery out there, and it has 0 to do with insulin resistance, it’s purely and wholly cosmetic with no health benefit.

  31. Ooh liar soft is always interesting even if I personally have had mixed reactions to their games at moments (ingaock > forest) they’re always INTERESTING enough to keep me till the end before I cast my judgements lol. Looks really cool!

  32. This reads like my two grandmas. One of my grandmas, she apparently went to little senior citizen classes at her church(?) or something and learned how to text, use a cell phone, use a computer, etc. she’s better than me at using emojis and sending funny gifs, and absolutely as charming as a little ol grandma can be about it. She sent me gifs and emojis on my birthday. I want y’all to know her selfie game is better than mine and I’m the “kid” here who grew up with a phone!

  33. What's so bad about Huniepop? Isn't that the lewd candy crush like game lol?

  34. Don’t you know a single drawing of a titty will send society itself crumbling to its knees /sarcastic

  35. I have to take like 5-7 pills at once twice a day everyday, so I just plop em in my mouth and swallow them with a drink

  36. Same. It’s easier once you’re taking more than 5 to just pop em in and then drink water.

  37. Yeah, I’m on #8 with ya. No matter what I do I don’t seem to lose weight, but I can build and lose muscle at least. I lost a lot of muscle mass while bedridden with endometriosis pain for a year (ALSO a pain in the ass to diagnose. If I had twenty bucks for every “huurrrr sometimes periods can make you sore suck it up and take an Advil” while I had spent months so anemic I couldn’t walk and in so much pain I couldn’t eat or sleep anymore I could’ve bought a new insurance plan.) I’m slowly getting stronger again though, and even though my clothes fit pretty much the same I like feeling strong and fast under the jiggle.

  38. When I was doing it more regularly I would lock the door, put on a humidifier to warm the room slightly, lay out a towel, get to business.

  39. This guy didn’t hear about the southern strategy, lmao

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