1. as a representative of the aromantic community, we do not approve this message

  2. I have a friend who's aro and whenever I catch myself gushing about my crush to him I always apologize profusely because Ik he doesn't get it and probably thinks I'm weird

  3. They don't like shooting schools as much

  4. Yes. As a bit of a cis person myself, i can confirm that this is very cis indeed.

  5. I mean i'm obviously cis. I just wanna transition bc i'm a good ally.

  6. Yes, because you're a good ally...

  7. Like anyone here is getting bfs/gfs

  8. Bri, I legit be walking round school, and I see one person who was in a relationship a week ago, in another relationship

  9. I'm talking about people who use reddit. Its practically relationship repellant

  10. Fr. I love having one every night <3

  11. I got two pairs one for my best friend since something happened to hers so we have matching ones! You can find them on Amazon

  12. I'm too scared to because my parents might find out

  13. My brother is and I'd rather have my parents find out than him

  14. No pressure, take as much time as you need to build up to it. Good luck

  15. Oh no its you... pretend you didn't read that comment

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