1. She did, we have a home just outside zadar that my dad rebuilt it was his childhood home. They bombed my moms home and she hasn’t rebuilt it and won’t . They stayed I think 5 days in zadar and 5 days in beograd where we have an apartment and a lot of family and then 3 days in Iceland

  2. Missed the point…if you rely on a check you’re not living like a king. At the end of the day you’re still having to go to work and make money for someone else.

  3. So surgeons making $1,000,000+ per year that get pay checks aren’t living good? Sure buddy

  4. That goal post sure is moving quick. First its $150k is living like a king for a single person (apparently even after taxes and saving 20+% so closer to 90k-100k take home) Now its surgeons making a cool million…last I checked someone making a 1 mil+ a year doesn’t have to rely on a paycheck for long unless they have some serious financial issues.🤣.

  5. You just said you can’t live like a king on a pay check, well actually you can.

  6. Im in Abu Dhabi, these things are normally reserved; but Im sure i will get it.

  7. How much will it cost? I see MSRP is $115,000 so I’m assuming with options and after tax and fees around $140,000 for a loaded 2024 GTR?

  8. In this pic I’d say he was on some test and used some clen and winstrol and anavar for his cut.

  9. I see, I just really wanna see how he was natty, as he is known as a genetic beast

  10. This pre workout kicks my ass so I use it once a week on my push day. Seriously be careful, I take it around 10-11am and can’t even fall asleep at 10 or 11pm. Eyes are just open. I don’t know what they put in here but it’s insane. My workouts last 3-4 hours on it

  11. The 2019 sticker is the coup de grâce

  12. I don’t see a problem with younger people having fast cars (I may be biased being 21) but just don’t be an idiot with it. Respect the power and don’t kill someone or yourself with it

  13. Easy to say that dude lol reality is quite different. MOST not all young people cannot handle a 500+ hp RWD car. They want to show off and act cool and then this video is what happens

  14. Not sure mcmansions qualify as beautiful.

  15. 12,000 square foot home is a McMansion? Damn i guess you learn something new everyday

  16. Looks like a typical Mcmansion is between 3,000 and 5,000 sqft, so if this is in fact 12,000 sqft, it is a super-sized mcmansion.

  17. I fucking hate low quality sub cluttering posts like this shit, do you all not know how to use google?

  18. Sorry but how is this a sign of collapse? Most people I know don’t ever go into actual banks.. everything is done online . Bank tellers are a thing of the past

  19. OP on watch because his $120 put options expire tomorrow 😭😭

  20. This dumbfuck made a gif of screenshots. I’m old and can’t read any of it cause I can’t zoom in. At least I’m green

  21. man if i had to pick still i’m choosing Andrew. his structure is just chefs kiss

  22. Derek looked the best out of the top 3 but idk COMPARED to Andrew and Samson, he didn’t look aesthetic

  23. Why would they be? I don't hold any puts, but all they need to do is reference this:

  24. Wow, that's like a really nice down payment on a house.

  25. Her husband is ER physician, they live in a $800k house in central CT , still stupid to buy a model x tbh

  26. If that’s an m3 gtr that just absolutely completes this legendary collection. Maybe a Diablo or some old Ferrari on the left as well

  27. The pagani in the back! This is s tier collection! Does he have a lambo? Thats all thats missing.

  28. Not pictured, Diablo SV, SVJ roadster, murci SV and a countach 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  29. Lol Tesla beat earnings expectations? My puts are about to printtt 🤑🤑🤑🤑

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