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  1. Wait, my friend made a huge mistake… the town is

  2. Thanks, wasn’t sure with the blurry video, and the lady Nick frost was playing looked different.

  3. My collection of napkins is not because I took a bunch of them, but rather I was given an excessive amount.

  4. That’s because the norm is to take a bunch and since you can’t reach they’re helping you out by giving you the standard cubic sh!# ton.

  5. It’s not a great dress. But you seem to be able to make it work. It doesn’t look bad on you. If you don’t like it take it back. But if you like it, I think it works for you.

  6. I dont like to swim in things that arent pools. Everyone teases me. This. Literally this. They had no idea they were there. I dont want to swim where stuff can see me and i cant see it.

  7. “Are you sure the water is Sanitary? I think I see an amoeba!”

  8. I think I like the dress but I’m

  9. That’s one way to slow cook it.

  10. Dirt can’t be that expensive. Just fill the hole back in.

  11. He’s making a workbench with nails in rosin.

  12. 6th grade boys wearing the same clothes become best friends… when the same models wear the same lion head dress… it’s a cat fight.

  13. That’s right, Her haircut goes in the

  14. That man’s going to need prosthetic teeth too if he keeps doing that party trick.

  15. Thanks for this post. My wife is amazing. It’s great being in a relationship with her. We have three kids 13,10,7 and my wife is a great parent. I subscribed to this sub-Reddit a while back because I saw some guy saying he wanted to be a better husband and praising his wife. But all the posts complaint about their dysfunctional spouses are hard for me to relate to. I love seeing that couples have it figured out most of the time and someone takes the time to say what their spouse is doing right. It makes me want to be better. Thanks for sharing!

  16. What about that orange grease remover?

  17. The last silence was so strong all the readers couldn’t hear over it.

  18. Took me a while to see three arms, I don’t see four arms though…

  19. The fact that you just sat there and filmed without trying to help…

  20. High how are you? Fine how are you? …no, I said how a high are you?


  22. I don’t get it, does this guy vape?

  23. To put this proposed ban in perspective there are more horses in California than people in Wyoming.

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