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LPT: when hiring a contractor, have a written agreement that outlines exactly what they will be doing, the cost of the project, deadlines for the work to be done, and any warranties that will be provided. Do not pay in full until the project is complete.

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  1. Even if it was 5x still not worth it...

  2. Not worth it for you, worth it for many others.

  3. Good tip, especially for everyone upgrading/building a PC. Always take a quick look after you turn it on to see if the GPU, CPU and Case fans are spinning and everything works fine.

  4. GPU fans usually won't spin until under load. So don't be scared that they're broken. Check the fans sometime after launching the PC.

  5. Feel like leading with the less than 100W thing is important.

  6. Was about to say 100w is nothing for laptops.

  7. From a hygiene perspective you should always be sitting down in your own home. Saves you more frequent cleaning.

  8. Lol. BCP is a goal for people in the midgame. I’d go as far as to say that isn’t an opinion or a take. You can deprioritize it in favor of other things, but it’s objectively one of the goals for midgame players.

  9. I'm in early endgame and BCP isn't even remotely close to being on my list of things I'll be buying next.

  10. QPC and all hard diaries completed. Almost maxed POH. Base 90 combats. Vorkath and Zulrah are easy and I'm starting to gather gear to learn raids. Already familiar with TOB.

  11. Pugilist gloves , basically a crush variant of claws that allow you to punch things for 50+. Special attack : headbutt. You headbang emote one time and it blackjack knocks out the enemy.

  12. Facebreakers from path of exile.

  13. You aren't wasting your time. Yeah it's not as fast but Vorkath is still a really good money maker. You are not getting any closer to a dhcb by avoiding Vorkath.

  14. Nah it's pretty awful. I recently borrowed a DHCB from a friend and it makes a world of difference. Not touching Vorkath until I get another loan.

  15. Ornate jewellery box gang

  16. These employees are either paid very well or it’s a family business lol. Or both.

  17. To be fair back in the day when I worked in retail during uni I would've jumped at any opportunity to beat the fuck out of some asshole given the chance. Anything to break up the depressing slog that is retail work.

  18. What in the America of a question is this lmao.

  19. I genuinely think the emotional stability of a lot of players on RL is pretty bad. So many people throw a hissy fit when we're 2-0 down in the first minute. Only for us to come back and win the game anyway. The games not over till it's over, I wish Psyonix introduced way more severe punishments for these crybabies.

  20. It is actually. Rarely do I see small construction businesses use contacts beyond just an invoice.

  21. A person who believes in traditional values such as wanting a woman who'd raise the kids at home, family values, doesn't agree with the liberalistic society, etc.

  22. Traditional ideas are rooted in mysogyny so yes promoting them can be a breach of their TOS. Granted I still don't think he should've been banned regardless of how much of an asshole he might be. Unless someone's words are causing a risk of violence then they should be allowed.

  23. Jaywalking laws need to be abolished world wide. Whether I travel to a country that has them it drives me insane.

  24. The figure on that Black Panther suit definitely looks like Shuri’s.

  25. Really hope it's not. Rather not have a dumb antivaxxer pick up the mantle. I know Marvel silenced her well and kept her in line, but still the damage to her reputation won't be undone.

  26. How do you guys get so many robocalls a day? I maybe get 2-3 a month. Which I automatically block because Google tells you when it's a robocall or some other general spam.

  27. I don't think Omni Man can damage Silver Fang. Garou only got the upper hand as he eclipsed his martial arts skill which Nolan couldn't do.

  28. World Guardian vs Tom Cruise as Barry Seal. Think Barry gets wrecked.

  29. Rick should be currently immortal due to the fortune cookie (Jerry wasn't a new friend, he was an existing friend).

  30. People are reaaally hyper fixated on race and gender these days, as it’s constantly at the spotlight, people are believing it’s important and let it affect their life in such extend a simple joke rubs them off the wrong way

  31. It's an American thing, they're hyper obsessed about race.

  32. That's kinda what happens when you're the world's most diverse country. Unfortunely it's mostly self-hate thanks to liberal media.

  33. World's most diverse country??? Lmao the US doesn't even crack the top 100.

  34. Costume ideas for people with muscles?

  35. I’m 21, graduating in December. I don’t know a single person who dresses up. I guess that’s just my circle though

  36. Well you must have fun friends. My parents in their late 50s dress up in full costume for parties and so do all their friends.

  37. Tiktok, I think, is just for Morty and Summer being kids and being what their generation is into now. Being Meta and references is kinda Rick and Morty's forte, they will reference something for just about anything, for a joke, a plot point. an insult, etc.

  38. Tiktok is for kids? Most 20-30 year olds use it one way or another too. The platform is ridiculously good at showing you content tailored specifically to you.

  39. Honestly, it was amazing.

  40. Becuase the tories are in an awful position right now. Voting her out immediately after voting her in would make them look even more chaotic than they do now, and with market confidence in the UK so low more turmoil might make things worse in the short term.

  41. Surely they have absolutely 0 chance of winning a general election? Labour has been chaotic but the Tories are straight up causing people's deaths with their policies.

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