1. Actually it may not be hail. Looks like graupel to me.

  2. LOL. This will be seen as blasphemy but I think I like the 918 equally as much.

  3. My rain sensing wipers are useless in the RAIN.

  4. Has your windshield ever been replaced? If it was, then the sensor wasn’t reinstalled correctly or it’s just bad.

  5. Not many wheels look better than a BBS LM on a 911. It’s like they were made for each other.

  6. The BBS LM looks good on just about anything IMO. It was my favorite wheel to put on cars in Gran Turismo, like everything had them. Can you tell me this Sienna doesn’t look badass?

  7. It's because it's a very low grade. It's not that it's a great deal, it's that supermarkets mostly sell USDA Grade Choice for steaks. High-end stores will carry Prime and Low-end stores will carry Select, with most big chains having Choice for their steaks.

  8. Inspected basically means it ain’t rotten lol.

  9. Pretty much lol. It means it was inspected but didn't fall into the top 3 grades. Canning grade would be below this though.

  10. That T-Bone in the picture would probably make a mean stew though.

  11. I’d rather have a car with 100k+ on it and a stack of receipts than a low mileage car that’s hardly been driven.

  12. I see people in the 911 sub talk about getting super low mileage cars to start driving them and I’m like NO lol. Don’t do that cause all the stuff that was supposed to break under warranty and be fixed, hasn’t yet cause it AIN’T been driven.

  13. That’s a lot of oil gunk. Your valve cover is probably leaking down into the spark plug tubes. One looks like it got wet, probably during an engine cleaning.

  14. My timing chain cover gasket was leaking and I had it replaced, a lot of oil was residing on the topside of the engine so that’s probably where it came from. It was dry when I checked it. I replaced the coil packs as well. Lubed the new spark plugs and used anti seize so they don’t get stuck again.

  15. Did you put anti seize on the threads? That’s not good lol, it lets you put too much torque on them.

  16. You can just about take your hands off the wheel and go full throttle from a stop, as long as the road as smooth.

  17. Yup. Defies physics. A Focus ST or MazdaSpeed 3 on the other hand - torque steer for days.

  18. Especially with the GTI having unequal length half shafts…..

  19. I was offered a Dodge Charger instead of a Nissan Maxima. The fisher price looking plastics & base trim were a huge turnoff compared to the flashy LED headlights & quilted seats on the Maxima until.......

  20. I will say, the Maxima is a hoot. The CVT in it is different than the others Nissan uses and it actually works pretty well with the V6.

  21. 2020 Nissan Altima was very good. Quiet, comfortable, and easy to drive. The main gripe I had with it was there is an aluminum trim surrounding the Start Engine button that was very reflective in sunlight. So I had to cover that up. And the powertrain felt a tad underpowered and unresponsive. 8/10 car

  22. The CVT totally ruins the newest Altima.

  23. I think that’s exactly the point.

  24. Fuck off Bill Gates. Leave my eggs alone!

  25. Literally everything does according to Prop 65.

  26. Following….. This is intriguing. I would like a bigger screen but don’t want to lose the factory menus.

  27. While an interesting look, it’s not an RSR. Hopefully it was at least an S.

  28. Fun fact: thats what a xenon projector headlight looks like shortly before burning out, they get more and more pink and then die.

  29. Had it happen on both of my GTI’s.

  30. A what sold for how much? That thing had better be 95+ point Concourse quality.

  31. If that’s the only thing wrong with it, I would. 3k to get you another years worth of driving isn’t a bad deal. Now if it needed another big amount of work in addition to the subframe, that’s a different equation.

  32. I love that line “group pressure”. Makes thinking for yourself sound so bad.

  33. Well, if you accidentally stick a foot in one’s mouth, yeah it’s gonna bite ya.

  34. Strengthen your core. Start doing plank exercises.

  35. When you disconnect the battery, touch the terminals together for a couple seconds. It will fully discharge all the electricity that may be hanging out in the control units.

  36. Goood lord that screaming…..

  37. Lebron James angry he didn’t get his way?? Big surprise there LOL.

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