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  1. The "refs rigged the game" people do ignore that obvious fact, don't they? I mean, I get it...it was an amateur mistake on the refs in a big game. But, it was going to be replayed regardless of the outcome of that play.

  2. Could you explain what based means? It's everywhere and I haven't a clue

  3. I wont be. Ill be going to the gym and in bed at a good time.

  4. Like actually going to the gym, or like Katie Nolan going to the gym, which just means getting high?

  5. Oh nah i definitely get high but definitely training hard to build a physique worthy of the gods

  6. Man, sure would suck to have a block in the back not be called on a crucial game changing play. Rough.

  7. When Bengals were in Dallas there was a punt that clearly hit the scoreboard but refs came to same conclusion that they couldn’t definitively say it hit the board while every single other person in the stadium knew it did and the punt stood

  8. yeah cause the fuck wad zebras would have to admit they are wrong and total pieces of shit that probably beat their wives

  9. You sound like you should take a break from sports and probably should talk to a real human being

  10. Dont give a shit about sports anymore when ive only cared for the pats, for this very reason, and im already in therapy and too busy talking to her about how i can't talk to real women

  11. You'd think. But that game ending kick? A 3rd down punt. But Belichick came prepared. He recognized the punt look in Brady's eye. Who'd he send out to receive? Julian Edelman.

  12. and brings out Gronk to block the ensuing punt return

  13. No no Gronk is the one making the gane winning kick. Brought to you by fan duel.

  14. Right? Only thing I can imagine that would hurt more would be losing 4 Superbowls in a row, but what team would ever do that???

  15. Alright but you not gonna like it: End of 2027, beforehand expect earthquakes especially the „Big One“ in California. This is a big trust me bro (obviously).

  16. Im off atomoxotine and couldnt be happier. Wouldnt have got here without a lot of self work and Strattera though. Wouldnt be here without it.

  17. Starttera got me here but it was holding me back and I finally feel like I WANT to. Like I DESERVE and GET to. Im on gym 6 days a week just got a new job and im HUNGRY

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