1. Women are attracted to power. It’s hypergamy. The toxicity is seen as confidence.

  2. Use 4 aircraft carriers to take down mountbatten to very low health, then use 2 super battleships to go from below(don’t kill mountbatten before you can reach the port otherwise you’ll get sub spammed)

  3. Not enough social inclusivity, people feeling left out in addition to poison on social media

  4. Ironically the word inclusivity gets thrown aroun like a cheap party favor but it clearly isn't working as intended.

  5. All the above. Not positive.

  6. Because we need to reproduce

  7. Red flag. Tell him that you don’t like it to his face.

  8. Not that I agree with him, but unfortunately, a lot of women like “bad boys” more than gentlemen.

  9. I see this idea a lot in this sub. Surely, you're not suggesting that women are in any way "asking for it"?

  10. Societal conditioning and the fact that they’re seen as the more vulnerable gender.

  11. Oh no you're fellow hindu,kya hua Bhai gussa kyu ho (⁠ ⁠╹⁠▽⁠╹⁠ ⁠)

  12. Phirangiya ke liye nind kharab kar rahi ho iss liye

  13. Not this again. Do cardio to lose weight

  14. They don’t put enough emphasis

  15. Bay area while you’re working, LA/OC for retirement.

  16. Not at all. In fact, we learn from one another where I’m from.

  17. And genuine traditionalists

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