Patch Notes: Season 3 Live

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  1. “Tell me you’re Diamond without telling me you’re Diamond”

  2. He’s literally said he was stuck in plat less than a month ago. Now he’s diamond 2/3 level 13 so evidently he’s been boosted and just wants the rewards

  3. That’s what you get for smurfing or being boosted

  4. What happens when people play with their mates then try solo queue..

  5. Please learn half flips that was painful

  6. So clean mate, I can’t seem to hit them consistently though

  7. Close combat rounds makes this gun a beast. Got T1 mastery with 5 guns and this is the best, hands down.

  8. I’m like 200 kills off max tier on PBX and I use close combat too but I feel after the updates it’s worse

  9. I think the PBX is one of, if not the most well rounded guns in the game. I love it

  10. Idk mate it feels so different now and I keep getting outgunned by ARs close range

  11. On Xbox one been trying to play breakthrough and the game doesn't start and some of one team may spawn and others can't

  12. Happening on PS4 as well, happened when I was in party though

  13. Lol it’s only just beginning, it gets worse than that but don’t give up

  14. I’m similar stats, what was your inventory set up like?

  15. What brothers did you face tank? I don’t understand how you only used one prayer pot in 100 runs?

  16. I have 70 prayer so if i am able to kill the brothers that do the least damage, I can facetank the others. My runs normally go: Dharok, Guthans, Karil, Ahrims, Torag, and always verac last as he hits through prayer. I usually end up having enough prayer points to finish ahrims with prayer on (I also pray flick each brother to save prayer points), or sometimes if i get good hits in I can have enough prayer points to get me through Torag as well. If not, I facetank torags and veracs. In the tunnels, I do not use prayer at all. I facetank every brother except dharok, which i will force spawn in a room and use the ladder to safespot him.

  17. Might sound silly but are we having to make new accounts for group Ironman?

  18. Your Barrows luck is disgusting I’m 50kc with hammers

  19. Bird houses and farm runs! Farming has become one of my favorite skills since I started my iron.

  20. Did you use air roll right/left or regular air roll for that?

  21. I haven’t got season rewards, should I restart the game?

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