What series you can re-watch again and again?

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  1. IMHO blood soaked jade and seeping bile are totally worth it for free to play. The others probably not worth it yet. Maybe a year down the road when we can level them more.

  2. OP, I’ll send you a gift of zip ties and a box cutter if you want me to. Amazon has an option to add a note for a gift, I will have it say “This is for that pesky neighbor that keeps opening your packages”.

  3. I’ve been using luster pods from klutch or BE for almost two years now, two a week, and I’ve had one leak the entire time. Did you leave it in the car? Extreme heat will thin out the oil and make it leak. Maybe caryophyllene is not your favorite, was it peppery?

  4. no it was just in the device with the device laying down. took forever to get the oil off of our coffee table. only time it was outside was the trip home.

  5. Ya it sounds like you’ve gotten used to a more THC centered high with distillate, rather than the entourage effect with full spectrum/live resin. Sounds like maybe you enjoy the quality/taste of FS/LR, but prefer the high of distillate? I would imagine if you have been smoking disty carts for a while, that you’ve grown accustomed to the “super stoned” feeling over the “super medicated” feeling. Comes down to personal preference I think🤷‍♂️

  6. Yeah man i meant BE i was trying to look at my orders earlier and instead i just smoked and dozed off😭 i think i do prefer distillate highs, i do like feeling super stoned. I’ve had cresco live resin and it’s the best cart i think i’ve ever had; no doubt. made me feel amazing, my back didn’t hurt whatsoever. they’re just $20/30 more expensive sometimes.

  7. my only thing with disposables is it seems like i go through them so much faster.

  8. i’ve been playing 6 recently and i’m having a lot of fun with it. I do miss a lot of the stuff from 5 tho

  9. Imagine hearing a loud farting noise and turning around and seeing that face.

  10. I was actually surprised how much I enjoyed it early on. Probably due to Zoro lol. The pacing can be rough, particularly during certain arcs but, I still enjoy it for the most part. Glad to hear it's been going well for you thus far

  11. i’m on 123 now! trying to hurry up to 130 so i can hit that filler jump from 131-142!

  12. It’s amazing and I hope you enjoy! I’m sure you’ve already heard, but after the timeskip, pacing falls off hard in the anime. There are arcs stretching past 100 episodes when there are even less chapters in the manga for those same arcs. When you get there, it’ll be up to you, but I would recommend switching over to the manga then.

  13. I’ll have to look up a guide, have you watched certain episodes, went to the manga, and came back to the anime?

  14. sorry for the off topic question but i haven’t played in over a year. what are the orange potions beside health pots & why are there 2 health pots?

  15. That is the Royal Jelly consumable from The Nest. The reason why I have 3 consumables is due to the Adventurer's Belt item, which gives you a 3rd potion slot! You are no longer limited to just HP & MP pots in your quickslots. Now you can put ANY consumable item in there, including Effusions, Tinctures, Holy Waters, Speed Sprouts, etc!

  16. 2000 well-deserved downvotes

  17. agreed on the post i found it on. dude was tripping saying 4 people = a trio

  18. Breaking bad & Dexter… i don’t even want to say how many times i’ve watched them… but i’m watching breaking bad as we speak…

  19. why on earth wouldn't you state your budget upfront? Affordable can vary quite a lot. A Ferrari can be affordable to some people, but not most :)

  20. i’m sorry, i’m a little embarrassed/disappointed in myself for how poor i am right now. That’s why i didn’t state it. anywhere from $0-3/400 range.

  21. there are many poor people me inlcuded! . my budget for my laptop was zero but i got one for 850 euros (reduced from 1100) . i only bought one because it was the only way i could visit my mum in England (i live in Finland) and still work which was cheaper than taking unpaid leave.

  22. thanks man, i’ve just hit a hard spot in life. all money goes to bills. i haven’t bought myself like anything in a year. just necessities and it’s terrible.

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