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  1. Legal reasons would mean this could only work with regens

  2. This could run my life let alone a glorified spreadsheet

  3. You should put an advert for that role. In this way, maybe you won't get the best staff out there, but they will for sure accept what your club can offer

  4. Tried that a couple of times but still very difficult to find someone that would accept the wages I’m offering even though it’s not even that low I would easily take £650 a week to scout footballers!

  5. Tackling on hard by a big boy and he’s out of the game

  6. The thing is players with African origins switch ALL the time now. Even the really good ones. See Mahrez, Ziyech, Doucoure and Hakimi.

  7. It’s the Egyptian 2nd Division. He’s basically the Haaland of that level.

  8. Actually there’s another monster in the same division who finished with 40 goals in 30 games. Not enough to get his team promoted tho cuz we clinched that spot on the final day ☝️

  9. I’ve been playing FM since 08 and usually put 10+ seasons in my games and never ever seen it happen lol

  10. I’m way in to the future. They’ve won the Dutch title back to back.

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