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  1. It's actually dis, as in disrespect, but it can be spelled both ways.

  2. I googled the etymology just to verify this is correct. I'm not really surprised that this is the origin, but I don't know how to explain it. I am a bit surprised. My brain can't determine whether I'm surprised or not.

  3. Only France is allowed to have Nice things.

  4. K_U says:

    Boards and Bits was my go-to years ago before they went tits up in messy fashion.

  5. I'd love to know what happened with CoolStuffInc. I used them for years, maxed out the reward level, and absolutely adored them. Starting a few years ago, their stock has severely dwindled and customer service has not been great. The only orders I place there are for singles (minis or cards) because of the discount, but even those are rare.

  6. It's about to be native to Windows and is getting an Azure AD integration.

  7. If you're moving to a self-hosted cloud, you should be fine. If you're using Sangoma's cloud solution, you'll be lucky to have access to the backup/restore module. You can give your backup file to support, though, and they'll restore to an instance you create.

  8. Love Letter. Generally floats below 15 USD.

  9. "woman (possibly a drunkard) gets chased through Mt. Celeste by the personification of her gender dysphoria".

  10. "Yoloooooooooooooooo!" --Theo, probably

  11. Scrubs' worked well, too, probably because there was a lot of that kinda thing in it already - Ted's group, e.g.

  12. I never really watched Scrubs, but I had to watch the musical because Stephanie D'Abruzzo was in it.

  13. Eating crayons is always bad for your health! :7567:

  14. So I shouldn't be eating my greens?

  15. "...a few times to figure it all out..."

  16. 1946? A new war should have already started.

  17. Reimi is disgustingly broken. With the correct setup Crimson Squall just shreds everything in the game in mere seceonds. I hate using Edge, but hes good at blindsides so I swap to him when ur forced into blindsiding bosses.

  18. I blindside with Reimi. The flip backshot is awesome.

  19. "To become an editor, you must have a bachelor’s degree in English literature."

  20. Precis with Link Combo for Rocket Punch + Parabola Beam is my favourite.

  21. Wrong sub, but it's called the Tetris Effect.

  22. Why is this? Still new so I thought the same thing for battle cards applies to extra cards like this. Is that just a rule/the way it is in the game?

  23. [Counter] is activated from your hand by paying the card's energy cost. (This used to be printed on Counter skills in earlier sets and makes it a lot clearer that you pay the card's energy cost when playing a Counter skill. See: Toppo, Righteous Aid, for example)

  24. I thought that with Cloud, you're still supposed to take care of your own backups (or at least you should) - isn't that why Veeam keeps advertising their support for Office 365, Azure, GCP, etc?

  25. Correct. Generally in IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS environments, the customer is responsible for the information and data uploaded to the service.

  26. You can access them from the UCP for that user.

  27. An emulator like ePSXe and a legally sourced ISO of SO2 from a copy you own. Definitely don't go breaking rule 3 of this sub.

  28. Male, Aquarius, late 20s-early 30s. US, over 6 feet.

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