1. raze are actual energy drinks! and they are pretty solid!! my favorite is the apple juice one seen in the picture. and they did ghost last weekend, so makes sense theyre not doing it again

  2. Juice box is their best one imo. The flavor is truly accurate

  3. Is the zero sugar just a rebranding of absolutely zero?

  4. I can't walk around the house without slipper socks

  5. I'm a school cafeteria worker, and the kids eat way better than this on nacho day

  6. I've seen Hocus Pocus, Boo Berry, and Franken Berry. Not sure why I haven't seen the others yet.... Maybe sold out

  7. Yes, I think in Kenji's YouTube video on this recipe he uses cornstarch but I can't for the life of me find cornstarch at my local Kroger so I just made do with what I had on hand.

  8. Why don’t some stores have cornstarch? It just seems odd to me. I realized this when I couldn’t find any at Stop and Shop… There wasn’t even a spot for it.

  9. I have to try this! I love Kenji’s recipes. Ever since I made his roast potatoes I haven’t looked back. No other version is better.

  10. I’ve always wanted to try Lion cereal! Live my dream

  11. When you convert the currency, these are around double the price of what the average price is in eagle dollars. So not the worst if you approach it as a treat-yourself kind of thing. Enjoy!

  12. That's so thoughtful and cute. I'm glad they could lighten you up a bit in this shitty time.

  13. What did you put on top? Fennel seeds, dried flowers?

  14. haha yeah, that’s just my usual yogurt bowl toppings. Bee pollen, cinnamon, fennel/rosemary, honey.

  15. Oh my god finally a strawberry flavor!!! I hope this is real. I love the artwork on the can too

  16. Tbh I'm not a fan of the rehabs. The lack of carbonation throws me off and I'm not a fan of how they taste

  17. I really like the scorpion sauce! Nice heat level.

  18. You need the right kind of cabbage to make kimchi, Chinese or Napa cabbage.

  19. You technically can use whatever. Not "authentic" of course, but it still comes out fine.

  20. During zucchini season I make kimchi from that! Once you add the gochugaru and gochujang it's pretty moot what veg you started with

  21. Exactly! I've done that too; it's really good! During the summer I also like to make watermelon rind kimchi.

  22. First strawberries and now bananas?? How dare they!!! Can't trust anything anymore... /s

  23. Only you would do such a thing, you madlad

  24. Bake chicken topped with salsa and cheese.

  25. I’ve overlooked this one. Might try it soon!

  26. Just ended up buying something that hangs off the back of the pantry door that holds spices.

  27. I have one, and I love it. For me I’ve found it has enough space to hold my shelf stable sauces too

  28. Really dumb question - how do you attach them to the back of the cabinet door without it going through? I don’t have a full pantry and door, just thin little cabinet doors and have always hesitated because of it.

  29. I use the door hanger mine came with and heavy duty double-sided mounting tape, so it stays put without drilling into the door

  30. You really should cut back. Try to taper down slow. You're young so you may not feel it now, but your body might go against you in the future if you keep that up.

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