Shouldn't there be more concern over Charlotte's mental health right now, as opposed to excitedly gossiping about how bad of person she's being for becoming distant and angry when everything about her life feels like the perfect recipe to become distant and angry?

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  1. 4 month old used ipad air 4 worth 500 bucks or new ipad 9 worth 350 dollars? Student note taking, studying

  2. Honestly, I thought their AstroGo website and app are very well made. Now if only their app is available on tvOS.

  3. Astro Go's app is trash. The Ui is slow to respond, not interactive and worst of all the quality of live pl matches are poor. Illegal streams have better video and audio quality.

  4. Not only that but a person can be struggling and still be a complete asshole.

  5. depends on what kind of mental illness youre suffering from tho. Ive seen people pushed to the edge as a result of certain illnesses. People changing completely. Just because youve supposedly dealt with it well, it doesnt mean that someone else with a smaller threshold should be coping with it just as well as you are.


  7. This seems like self promotion. You want me to watch a whole video to find out what your problem is? No thanks. That's a lot of gall.

  8. Ummm. Im not the guy who made the video. Im interested in getting one, but after watching this video, i am having second doubts.

  9. One of the big difference is OS. Depends on if you prefer to use Android or iPadOS.

  10. I don’t have the S7 but I have had a Samsung tablet before. Personally, I prefer the iPad because it‘s able to get new OS updates for a long time and I’ve had good experiences with Apple whenever I needed repairs/replacement.

  11. horrible intrusive mental images. Killing me inside. Contemplating suicide.

  12. Any discord group for malaysian chelsea fans?

  13. Let me know if you dot ake ect and if it hepls you. Don't rush in, give yourself some more time if you can get over bad past then that's great. My memories are haunting, especially past 3 years, I have mdd, GAD, meds aren't working, I am hoping to get fine by ect Let me know if you get help

  14. I really want to get an ipad air. But, the checkout for student pricing requires the purchaser to register their card. Being a broke student, i dont have one. Any solutions for this

  15. Register a card? Like debit/credit card?

  16. They only accept mastercard and visa right

  17. if you’re doing mainly note taking and other school stuff on the ipad and no heavy work like editing, going for the base ipad is good enough tbh. you get the 128GB option, not too little and not too much, it’s the perfect storage that you don’t have to worry about insufficient storage in the long run and you save some money as well.

  18. Its the design man. I really want the ipad air because it looks better.

  19. Also went into 5 year medicine course and am first year. Took the same option as yours, no regrets so far. Even better if you have iCloud and iPhone as it enhances the experience by a lot.

  20. Do you think you would be able to get through purely with the ipads native storage? Is icloud essential?

  21. OCD can take on the thought that you think something is the worse case and that you are a monster. I have no way answer for you personally but scrupulousity ocd affects many people with high moral standards and that is why we react so strongly to these fears.

  22. Is it possible that i was a monster and i still have intrusive thoughts of past incidents playing in the back of my head.

  23. Cani be a monster and at the same time have real event ocd?

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