Sniper Headshots Should always be a down

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  1. So far Tac 50 but still testing

  2. Yeah... I was initially excited for this and I expected a lot since Dr Dis not only plays shooters a lot but also has experience with developing them, but at least currently the game looks very lacking. Specifically gunplay looks like it needs a complete overhaul, the guns don't look like they give any feedback, and it's just very unsatisfying to watch, on top of this the weapons also seem unbalanced. Although this is a very early stage of development, so hopefully they will overhaul gunplay before the full release, because at this point I could not justify spending 25$ to get into the alpha.

  3. I agree, game is still pre-alpha though. I’m waiting to see what their release would be like. It will be free to play so we’ll see how it does against hackers

  4. Awesome clips man! Would love to see what you could do with the revolver

  5. Dogshit game but plays 8 hours a day with meta guns lmao

  6. I can’t call the game dogshit while playing 12 hrs a day?

  7. Imagine crying about something you think is dogshit yet spending all your free time on it.

  8. We’re clearly singing & having fun but ay whatever is stuck up your ass hope it gets better broski..

  9. Those akimbo pistols look like cheat codes lmao

  10. They are the best secondary imo

  11. I’m assuming this is the victus build? I thought they nerfed it so no snipers do a one shot down anymore? So is the mcpr really that much better or are they the same?

  12. Well since Victus is no longer a one shot, the best thing to look for now is a sniper with decent velocity, great rechamber speed along with consistent damage. I believe that sniper is the MCPR, SP-X & Signal 50

  13. ADS speed is better than expected (Virtus XMR)

  14. I was hoping the gun would 1 shot headshot but nah MCPR is better

  15. Cant be no “meta” sniper, sniping is skill dependent

  16. Fair point, I do believe it’s an easy sniper to use (you don’t have to lead a lot) which could possibly make it meta

  17. Forgot to screenshot i’ll share when I wake up

  18. I think you should rename the caption here as "Skill. The new meta"

  19. I’ll look for the easiest sniper to use & post it on here for everyone with an explanation as to why

  20. What are the attachments. I have the explosive rounds but one shot kills still feel inconsistent

  21. This is the MCPR without explosive rounds, i’m working on a video explaining this build

  22. I found a build that will always 1 shot headshot lvl 3 armor

  23. Realllyyy ??? And what’s that cause I have tried them all ?

  24. Hack 8 33.5 Barrel, VLK LZR 7MW Laser, SPX 6.6 Optic, XRK Rise 50 stock, .50 CAL explosive rounds (Victus XMR) ;)

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