1. Glee is the first show I watch with a lead gay character, too bad the show sunk later, as a straight woman that used to live in Asia, I wasn’t familiar with homosexual, the show really helped me to get comfortable with it. Later watched Modern Family, just love it, plus Lily is Asian, that makes my daughter very happy.

  2. Thank you for keeping an open mind :)! Welcome aboard! (In a side note, this gives me hope that my family might someday be open to understanding and accepting my cousin and not traumatize her when she finally comes out !)

  3. I feel like in addition to the contrast, it also feels incomplete (?). An addition of a cropped jacket/ cardi/ just a belt would help make it more cohesive and put together like classic demands…. A certain level of “matchiness” and repetition of colors through which the ENTIRE outfit comes together …

  4. Can I ask how old you are? You aren’t supposed to be typed too young and you seem ve try young fir typing to me… if am wrong, SC seems plausible. A taller SC which is nice to see.

  5. I was SCREAMING inside when I recognized her 🗿 noggin

  6. Are they? All I see are winter colors trending! The magentas, fuschias, deep greens, cobalt blues…

  7. How does anyone watch him? He gives me so much anxiety! The yelling, the weird way of speaking…. The atrocious attitude. I would be so happy if he were to just fade away into oblivion

  8. Do you remember if your husband felt weird about her Spanish or her accent? I am surprised she could hold a convo for that long with a native speaker!

  9. Meanwhile am talking to my husband like am April ludgate lol. He is no Andy though thank goodness!

  10. Ya they wanna be rl Barbie n Ken so bad but PK isn’t pulling his weight!

  11. Even if people can excuse his racism (I barfed even as I typed it realizing people like that exist) Who wants to hear from a guy whose makeup is sooooo dated? This is the aesthetic from the Dino era 😞

  12. He was a producer. He actively ignored all the warnings by the crew, didn’t attend gun training and knew about active bullets in the set. He is as much to blame for cutting corners and ignoring the rules of gun safety. There are many articles that explain his culpability in great detail and they are all posted on the Hilaria Baldwin sub.

  13. I would never go on that sub, personally. ANY community that's nothing but hating one specific person is a damaging and toxic place to spend time.

  14. When you speak without any knowledge about a certain topic, you make yourself look like a dolt. It is not giving gracious, it’s giving stupid. Do you.

  15. So her handler pushed her and she stumbled and looked annoyed? Lol can no one stand her?

  16. Yes however, we also have to account for cultural norms. As OP stated, shorts are seen as basically strutting in your underwear to Indians. It’s not culturally appropriate.

  17. This is absolute bullshit! In Indian metros, even tier B cities, shorts are quite normal and omnipresent now. This op’s husband is a dickhead. Source- am Indian. What the fuck is this entire post and generalizing a country and culture that includes 1.7billion folks SMDH!

  18. She probably bought a three pack: 2 regular and one w texture.

  19. Really hope justice is served and the DA doesn’t chicken out to get more of the Hollywood money to pour in. Lives are worth more and not charging will set a bad precedent and attract more low budget, negligent movies crews who are looking to cut corners, which am sure she doesn’t want….

  20. She has a mashmillion nannies! If she weren’t drunk and passed out, she could’ve food prepped for the trip instead of this gas station food.her feed (which she thinks is relatable and aspirational) is actually a lesson in how not to live!

  21. She doesn’t consider herself a tapa? Hillary, you’re slacking!

  22. My fav awkward Cam moment is when he pretends to be American Indian to gain entry to a prestigious school for Lily and then proceeds to stereotype the way they sound when they speak. It's pretty fucking funny

  23. I think what you are referring to is the Hilaria bot which is different from what the op seems to be asking about. Lol the Hilaria bot was a trip, so weird I couldn’t tell if they were a troll, a pepino, or a bot!

  24. She's also trying to push the dede allergy thing she had going a year ago. BS! She's doubling down on how 'alike' they are.

  25. THIS! They are not twins but club them and their “attributes” and people will eventually start believing they are indeed twins…..NOT! This stupid stupid bitch!

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