1. Lol the reason I shifted to doing electronic music was because I developed a lot of joint and tendon problems and I'm physically unable to play guitar anymore

  2. Yeah, I'm hoping to find someone in the future

  3. TO BE FAIR. I do not know how to play the guitar. I was just listening to breed by nirvana and I was like damn sounds like someone slapped a guitar I could do that and so I fucked it all up and its kinda funny ngl. I usually play the drums I just fuck around with my guitar sometimes.

  4. Sounds better than the solo on that track so ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ‘

  5. VH is more rock than metal. I just donโ€™t like how most of todayโ€™s music is completely fake. Not even the voice is real (which, yes, the past had pedals and autotune). Eminem I donโ€™t mind too much bc heโ€™s OG and made more real music

  6. It doesnt matter how its made its still music. If you werent stuck on that mindset you could enjoy modern music too

  7. To the people asking , my friends mom picked it up and put it outside

  8. Ahh it looked like a letter c on the headstock, still a killer guitar though!

  9. suizid or austere, maybe? iโ€™m not too sure i really have a favorite lol

  10. I yeah i love suizid as well but ive never heard of austere , ill check them out. Thanks!

  11. It says All Time Low, Its there forever on concert tee I got at their concert

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