1. Yes, I must be 10 inches taller. Once I'm above 6ft someone will finally love me.

  2. Nice job. I got crazy lucky too! My first death card, which I didn't know what I was doing, was 7 attack, 7 health, no cost. Extremely lucky! On my winning run I obviously got this card! Haha. And then the addiction kicked in and I had to finish the rest of the game.

  3. That’s actually freaking crazy. Didn’t even know there was a card with those stats. Highest I can think of is Ugrayuli, but I don’t remember it going that high. It makes me wonder what would happen if we put those two setups against each other. Makes me want an online mode.

  4. 10/10 If i had to give it a title, it would be "Super Dashing, in MY Game!?"

  5. Agoti's old voice was better and Parasite should've kept the custom BF vocals.

  6. My personal favorite is the GF design used in Spooky’s Saturday Scare.

  7. It would be amazing to have a DMC5 style game in the series. I imagine it would involve a few of the members involved with the ancient keyblade legacy. Demyx could be the stand in for V, Xigbar/Luxu could replace Dante, and Marluxia/Lauriam or Larxena/Elrena could potentially be the Nero of that game. I also want to fit Luxord in because he’s one of my favorite members, so uh…Vergil?

  8. Cool, there’s also one for the DDLC Takeover which is based on the Happy Thoughts file.

  9. This is pretty great, but I notice that your bench doesn't seem to have a top part. I do think that either

  10. Yes I see your point, unfortunately given the scale of the thing adding a top would make it look a bit unproportionate but more importantly adding more bulk to the top of the bench in my opinion takes away from the hollow knight aesthetic.... Having said that just small bars aren't that much and I would love to come up with something more ornate but short and thin, when I was first making it I realized that with the pieces I had I couldn't recreate the bench's detail exactly as it is in game so I opted instead to go for a look that definitely feels "hollow knight".

  11. Pieces are too bulky? Tbh makes a lotta sense when I think about it. Opinion respected.

  12. As a fan of both, it’s hard to say. The Pokémon definitely have greater destructive power, but stands have some good abilities that would combo well together. Grateful Dead can cause several living things in its radius to rapidly age and die, and the higher their body temperature, the faster the aging. If we use that plus the Sun which is exactly what it sounds like, any Pokémon that isn’t directly stated to be immortal is practically gone. Then there’s Limp Bizkit+Justice+Scary Monsters. Limp Bizkit can make an invisible zombie come out of any dead organism. Justice can go into any organism, dead or wounded, through any opening and control them. Then Scary Monsters can release a virus that turns things into dinosaurs. In other words, for every Pokémon defeated, the Pokémon must fight two dinosaur versions of them. At the same time, though, Pokémon is not without its merits. This really depends on if we are allowing the seriously heavy hitters, like the World Over Heaven or Golden Experience Requiem. Although I’d still say the Pokémon take this 65% of the time if we don’t allow the World Over Heaven or Arceus’ true form.

  13. It's funny because there's a literal card that negates any single card's effect for anything not on the field, Prohibition, and it doesn't stop Exodia.

  14. Dang, you even put the "Be Cool Scooby-Doo" incarnation in there. That says a lot on how much the new show sucks.

  15. Aren't King Crimson and epitaph two separate stands each with its own ability? I thought Diavolo/Doppio had two stands since their personalities are two separate entities/are polar opposites from one another?

  16. Honestly, I want to believe that too, but for some reason Epitaph stayed on King Crimson after Doppio died, so it can’t be the case. I find it infuriating too but I can’t find a workaround that doesn’t sound half hearted.

  17. I'm not an expert in this game's mechanics, but can't you 2H Buu's diving attack (idk what its called, just the move that ended the match).

  18. Arkham Knight if Batman had just called for reinforcements knowing dang well he's infected by the Joker's blood.

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