1. If this toss broke it, it was broken the moment it was shipped. Boxes get handled 10x worse than this in a warehouse.

  2. Man, I thought the same as the other guy and I've always wondered if I have prosopagnosia

  3. I am another who also thought it was ragnarok chick. I’m actually surprised to see Rodriguez back

  4. I am relieved to see that our economy and stock market arent only run by the most qualified and self-less people, but independent of government intervention. A free market that isnt artificially inflated by our own government

  5. Yep. Entire walls of boxes just falling, and can be no fault of unloaders, It’s sheer volume.

  6. I don’t know how his family stands this racist redact. He’s insufferable.

  7. Probably why messican likes going to Vegas so much, she’s homeless as fugg

  8. Opioids are a peaceful way to go for the person who ODs, but unfortunately it doesn't look peaceful to those who witness it. A fatal OD can often involve convulsing and foaming from the mouth/nose. It's not fun to witness.

  9. Yes I’ve heard stories of people ODing and it’s nirvana. Doesn’t sound like a bad way to go tbh

  10. Is this from an old episode? JP sounds way more coherent here than he has in the last couple of years.

  11. What’s with the downvotes? I didn’t say they were actually natural, but the banner says it’s a natural show 🤷‍♂️

  12. I think it’s cus you are implied it sir lol natural shows aren’t ‘natural’. There’s no true way to know because how they test. The same way they say they test in the Olympics

  13. I love how he said something like: ‘corporate America is full of executives receiving millions of risk-free compensation while losing shareholder money, it’s terrible’ with a straight face. My brother in Christ that is you

  14. Dude pump and dumped BBBY cus his view ultimately didn’t align. Damn! What a coincidence!

  15. "They don't care if it's child prostitution or Bitcoin. If it's hot they want to be on it."

  16. Lmao this dude dropping low key Easter eggs about the financial world, fuckin legend

  17. That’s like saying bill gates. Sure he’s not a douche anymore but he sure stepped on a lot of people to get there

  18. Wow takes a special kind of mental gymnastics to think that will ever play out. Nice!

  19. It was used in the wrong context. They have to say something almost audaciously flirty first, and then you drop the "prove it." Also, this works better in person.

  20. Right, he’s already bagged the date. Just don’t say some dumb shit and you can show her where it spits, or get too full of yourself and make the conversation uncomfortable

  21. What does a chemical peel do? And why does he still look the same besides red if it were Botox & filler? Not to say that’s not true or whatever, but I really don’t know how any of that works

  22. Think of a light acid that takes off a very thin layer of skin so it can regrow healthy.

  23. Corporate leadership is paid precisely to be able to navigate a company through tough economic times. What has happened to target is at its core a failure of leadership.

  24. Staying off anabolics will keep you younger longer for sure

  25. I’m selling butthole pics on OF to show the gape from puts :4260:

  26. I had a 397 put option for $14 but I sold it for $11 and now it’s at $200.

  27. Is it best to buy a put at open or wait 10 minutes?

  28. Imagine not selling your puts and thinking it’s gunna be a 10 bagger only to see this huge pump. GUH

  29. Putin would disagree with you. I hope i rots in hell for this

  30. I cant understand how this fat fake cringe lord has fans :|

  31. Riding the back of actual comedians like Tom. I don’t think this doofus could actually have a career without them

  32. Yeah but the fact that people will pay for tickets then go and spend the night watching dude taking his shirt off and tell a made up machine story is... I I ken tolk

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