What are your thoughts on twitter shutting down?

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  1. After two (mediocre) dates, I had to go to my friend’s wedding. The girl in question went into a rage that I didn’t invite her/hang out with her instead, and threatened to tell everyone I knew I ‘used her for sex.’ Which is… odd considering we never even had sex.

  2. England have been shit, the USA deserve at least a point

  3. After Iran, I was expecting a steamroll; this is just craziness

  4. Damn, least I can say is this is a much, much fiercer and better game than I expected.

  5. New musics fine, there’s plenty of good bands, but POPULAR new music is just… terrible.

  6. My metric for getting old is this: how big a deal it is if you fall down.

  7. Eh, it’s unpopular for me; I can fundamentally appreciate The Crossing, but Blood Meridian just has… something about it that hit a nerve perfectly for me.

  8. Thanks for clarification. I'd always thought it was a widespread attempt to eliminate indians.

  9. Well an even more important clarification is that there absolutely were attempts of eliminating the natives, but they were done through organized and traditional warfare or mass relocations through force.

  10. Dude, I knew about the warfare, any elementary school taught that. The blankets bit was something of a far more sinister plan of eliminating undesirables.

  11. That’s so funny because my school was the exact opposite; my literally never got into the warfare aspect at all, never named a single chief (I had to do the research myself), but she talked about the blankets then moved on to the civil war.

  12. Safely assuming you broke up, use the time to better yourself.

  13. That’s the plan! To be honest I just found out this morning so I’m still processing it, and I know this will be a tough hole to climb out of but I’m hoping I can climb out of it properly and come out stronger too. Thank you for the advice :)

  14. People creating TikToks, because that’s literally the point.

  15. Ah yes, the Reddit cake business. Highly profitable line of bakeries.

  16. So the terms themselves are fairly subjective, but the general difference has more or less been:

  17. I don't think it was as slow as you think. It wasn't as fast as Twitter, but Facebook blew up extremely fast and MySpace traffic just stopped. The site itself held on for a long time but it was essentially desolate

  18. True, I remember MySpace being “uncool” in the span of like, 18 months.

  19. So you dumb ass help a bear then toss it ..This world is so cruel..i understand it's a bear..but to throw it like that:scream:

  20. My fiancé got one of those exfoliating face masks that have animals on them (reindeer), so to fuck with her I also got one (corgi) that I put on while she was in the bathroom.

  21. The crucial difference between someone having a crazy ex and someone having all their exes be crazy.

  22. Supportive of the creators, naturally (even though I’ve never used it and never will).

  23. That’s literally what every pitbull owner says, then they act all surprised when someone gets mauled by their dog. wOw I cAn’T bELiEvE iT ThAt’S SoOoOooO UnCharaCtEriStiC FoR hIM tO Do!!!1! 🙄

  24. Stray hands down. It’s such a comfort game and it’s created with so much love, it’s hard not to enjoy it.

  25. Hands down? Look, stray was a lovely imaginative, comfort game, but you’re personal niche doesn’t trump the amount of effort, enjoyment, and expert craft put into the others.

  26. …Jesus Christ for someone who likes playing with little numbers you truly are an idiot.

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