1. Why is the food in the dumpster? is it expired shit or what? Sorry I’m not up to date on what’s happening in Texas

  2. That one woman was rocking a iPhone pro model. None of these people look homeless or destitute.

  3. Videotaping at gyms should be banned. It’s not right that this guy is being blasted online as being a creeper and he honestly looks like a lot of the old men at the gym that come out for a little social interaction. I wish people would be more kind.

  4. Except for the weirdos who lay in the locker room ass naked.

  5. How to improve a Hummer

  6. Even better, earbuds playing a podcast, music or audiobook.

  7. A lot of mid tier earbuds come with noise canceling feature.

  8. This must have the weight distribution of a sledgehammer lol

  9. Only pot belly I see is that absolute unit in the chucky shirt.

  10. Find the breaker with MUA and turn it off. No reason to run that. Harder on equipment. If it gets too smoky, flip it back on for a second.

  11. I checked the Golden eye achievements this wednesday, and it dropped from 47% to 13% from the first to the second mission.

  12. Red cap, fourth gunman to appear aimed and fired at list 2 others before he got to primary target.

  13. Bro is just waiting for her to move, hoping he didn't just paralyze or kill her lmao

  14. From the gym bag He's probably in sports and probably going to face suspension from said sports

  15. Don't smoke weed with your anxiety medication bro, it's the first thing your doctor tells you.

  16. Daytons are renowned rims to put only the top of the line 12 winters on

  17. Water filter must be dirt straight from the exotic wastelands of Nevada.

  18. As someone who lives in the desert, this calcium condensation is definitely a thing and makes the water itself appear cloudy and white

  19. Im getting elementary school flashbacks when the fountains would come out looking like white paint

  20. I think the witcher crossover was the best executed which is my favorite in MH. BUT I do really miss the old event quests from the 3ds that had fun armors/weapons of various Nintendo characters even if their quests were rather "Simple"

  21. I doubt it as it was an unfinished leak that never officially released. Skylar was meant to be on the hook lol

  22. Lifted CRV- for when you want to be shunned by the off-roaders and the eco conscious drivers

  23. I think they're just big fucking tires, the junkyard special

  24. It’s definitely got a lift and bigger tires on it. Those tires wouldn’t leave that much space in the wheel wells otherwise

  25. No matter how much you try to redirect it, it never moves quite enough and you will miss the main axe hit and half your phials.

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