Busker singing you've got a friend to an autistic child on the luas ♥

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  1. Gozo and Mdina I’d say are definitely a must visit. Look online at the temples and forts to see what would best suit your interests. If you like aquariums, the National Aquarium is the best one I’ve been to. Malta is small but is packed with interesting places so I’m sure you’ll find places you’ll love. Enjoy yourselves!

  2. A friend of mine who lives in Malta and recently shared a video of Mdina. It looks absolutely beautiful.

  3. It is really beautiful. I have been quite ill but spent Christmas at our Sons in Malta. On Christmas Day morning he got us in the car and drove to Mdina, then took us around the city in one of the horse drawn carriages. I have to admit, I cried. It was so lovely and peaceful, the best Christmas I’ve had for a long time. Everyone needs to visit Mdina 😊

  4. Hope you feel better soon! And the whole place looks stunning, sadly I haven't been yet but I do intend to go sometime soon.

  5. Where so you find videos of the war like this? What site are they shared on mainly?

  6. All the brigades/ units have their own Facebook/Instagram pages and/or telegrams where they share the videos. Most of the shorter videos we see originate from Tiktok.

  7. Generally, it's the sub-moderators that decide if a video should be removed or not rather than Reddit themselves. All different subs have different rules for the type of content that can be shared although from experience it seems there is some discretion in decisions across various subs

  8. Although I shared this earlier, it was removed because of the graphic part at the start of the full video. I removed it and think this should be fine for the sub now.

  9. This is a longer video of the Russian soldier surrendering that was posted

  10. Looks like there's a couple other guys there too, one just to the left of the water and possibly one above too

  11. Yeah, this was just one of the many grenades they dropped on that position.

  12. Reuploaded as the previous post was removed per Rule #3.

  13. I'd say it's the "Senokar" drug that call sign "Youtube" of the 93rd Brigade spoke about in one of his updates

  14. The song is often added by the Supernova telegram and not by the original uploader but the lyrics are - "I'm Russian, I'll go until the end, I'm Russian, my blood comes from my father. I'm Russian and I'm lucky to be russian "

  15. These videos get reposted and edited several times before being picked up by english speaking audiences. That means we generally see later editions, after someone has decided to add music.

  16. Wrong. Most of the music you hear in videos is added by the original source. There are a few Ukrainian telegram groups that change the music (Supernova) but the majority of songs you hear on videos have been added by the person who recorded the video.

  17. What are their heights? Is she like 4' 6" and he is like 6'6"

  18. Unsure of his height but she is 153cm , just over 5'

  19. I've followed this guy for a long time and he's unbelievably talented. Some of his videos have been previously posted here. This was from back in autumn and has since been destroyed by the weather but he is still serving in the AFU 💪🇺🇦

  20. Not sure about Instagram but his Tiktok is @marcusjohnson3170

  21. From my understanding, a group of Russians briefly gained physical control over part of the road but have been pushed back. They have been able to hit the road with artillery for quite some time now and unfortunately have hit multiple UA vehicles.

  22. The footage used in the first part of the video is from three years ago.

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