1. It’s not a relapse but still you probably shouldn’t, it’s your choice tho

  2. As do i, Im so nervous but a man gots to do what a man gots to do!

  3. Yes it will but for only couple days don’t beat yourself up I get them alot

  4. Essentially cutting out the middleman. I could do that but not sure how that would work. For me, it's usually porn then masturbation. Can't do the latter without the former.

  5. Same with me but after a few days you can do it without porn

  6. Appreciate your feedback, honestly do. But shouldn't you be encouraging me to quit both altogether?

  7. Yeah you should try both but for some people quitting porns so hard and they spend years trying to do both but can’t do sometimes quit porn and then masterbation I haven’t done it

  8. I try not to count but it’s hard when I know the starting date. I’m on like day 15 I think

  9. Fr, last time I hit 20 days was like a week or two before the 20 I’m on now broke it and went on a frenzy I just somehow stopped out the blue 😂😂

  10. Porn is escapism, there’s something in your life your not dealing with. Same goes for me.

  11. The stress of all my issues, anxiety and depression is what’s causing me to relapse I am trying to deal with it all

  12. That’s rough I don’t have any advice but I wish you the best man

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