1. Yeah I never understood the fear mongering on spiro.

  2. Just wanted to let you know, the term "biological woman" is often used interchangeably with "cis woman" by transphobes. Things like HRT quite literally change your biology and so it's inaccurate to refer to trans women who have undergone HRT as biological the gender they were assigned at birth. There's also stuff such as cis women who were born without a uterus or who have XY chromosomes, so biology is a lot more complicated than what is used to assign sex at birth.

  3. Yeah when I saw “biological woman” it gave me such an ick. All woman are biological woman.

  4. You’re not getting it so who’s actually stupid. Sending you self love 💕

  5. This is is why I am a permanent absentee voter

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only that is annoyed with this. Damn near every trans girl that pops up on my fyp it’s exactly this. It’s like girl gain some self love.

  7. I've had that happen. The last time I went through security, I tucked and didn't get pinged by the body scanner. Ymmv obvs

  8. Omg but I heard you shouldn’t? What method of tucking did you use?

  9. This just actually made me so mad. Been with plume for over a year. They’re amazing and so supportive and helpful. It’s literally run by a trans woman with many trans staff. There are many support groups within plume as well. They can help with name change letters and surgery letters also. You need a new therapist.

  10. No you’re not stupid you’re helpful it was a genuine question but also to blow off steam 😂. Thanks.

  11. If you are in the US, Biden made a change that you can self ID without proof of surgery or anything like that! Name change is different, and I still am trying to do that

  12. Wait you updated your gender marker with social security without other documents updated with gender marker? And you also haven’t changed your name? I’m asking because this is what I’m considering you know baby steps. Getting my gender updated with social security and trickle my way down.

  13. I don't care if someone wants to be cisgender, but just so long as they keep it to themselves.

  14. Exactly. They always have to put in everyone’s face. And force it onto everyone else.

  15. "Don't use it to invalidate others": Yes, I agree. "Now shut up": No, I disagree. People who detransition should be able to share their stories. I don't think it's fair to tell them to shut up. Unless you specifically mean, "Stop being transphobic." That I can agree with.

  16. I mean specifically to “stop being transphobic”when I say shut up.

  17. That fact that today is actually my injection day 😂. Aww thx incase I forgot 🤍

  18. It's not about cis people never experiencing the same feelings as us, it's about cis people not caring that those feelings affect us vastly differently because of the differences in our life circumstances. It should be very obvious that its extra cruel to say catty remarks to your trans "friends" in ways that bring up the fact that you don't count them as really their gender instead of just saying what you would say to your cis friends(its not ok to be mean to your friends in the firs place but this is the behavior you are defending) but they don't just not think about that but are taught that making fun of trans people is appropriate and cool, its acceptable in society to be cruel to trans people.The world is made for cis people, they probably don't want to oppress us but they will never care enough about not oppressing us to rebuild society where trans people are equal.

  19. I would highly recommend skinorac.com. you can checkout with PayPal and the prices are cheaper.

  20. I already paid and got it through ADC😭 but I will definitely be using that website also. Thank you lots💚💚💚💚

  21. I’m full of so many conflicting feelings. Still in the early stages of accepting myself. Taking Spironolactone and hoping to go a step further in a few weeks.

  22. 🥹🥹🤍 you’re valid. And wishing you well on your journey. Of full acceptance and love and I hope you take that step further🤍🤍🫂

  23. I have not had FFS yet. But sending love and a speedy recovery🤍🤍🤍 you’re gonna look stellar.

  24. Did you ever get paid? And do you absolutely have to show your face? Like can I wear a face mask.

  25. Yes I definitely need to get this. Omggg yayyy finally I never knew that they were working on changing that. Thanks for the article🤍

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