1. EQ is super good AND ground resists are rare, dont forget about that

  2. i dont even think the steel worm is garbage, it can still shed tail, can come in on a LOT of things due to mono steel typing, and can even set itself up in case the opponent is expected a shed tail

  3. Oh wow, I started looking into it, and Orthworm is a sleeper OU killer already. People are legit sleeping on that thing, it has a pretty strong niche for anyone not prepared for it

  4. Well she is sick atm, so we can't confirm her poop firmness status just yet

  5. Those two are both battle addicts. I can see them getting along very nicely. Could this be the rise of a new ship?

  6. I dont' watch the Pokemon anime, but do characters like Nemona not show up in the respective anime seasons? Will there not be a Scarlet / Violet anime with Nemona and Ash interacting?

  7. Imagine her grandfather, knowing what he knew, and having to keep quiet about it. It boggles the mind.

  8. An old family friend was like that, but actually did talk before dying. He was Army, not Navy, but he had some hyper specific specialization during the Vietnam war working on the radios and radio towers. I'm not sure which model it was he was trained to fix, but it was basically a turbo narrow field that only a very small handful of the technicians could work on because they were the oldest models being phased out for newer ones or some such.

  9. Apparently she requested permission for Factorio... Isn't it like super big brain game? Can't imagine how she's gonna play it... I hear she even requested free promo code for it...

  10. Vespy getting bonked for pretending to be Gura to get free Factorio keys became my headcanon the moment she said it.

  11. For real. The original detroit style can just be ordered online a picked up 20 minutes later 🤣

  12. Little Ceasars has a detroit style you can get in basically any city anywhere in America, and it's pretty good honestly. Their stuffed crust detroit version is also fantastic

  13. Gastrodon has been my secret sauce staple for like 3 generations now. SO many meta teams didn't have any answer to it at all, and apparently a lot of people don't even know what it does / didn't.

  14. Genwunner here, I love the gen one love and attention lol. The new Tauros are so cool, my wish now is we could have gotten a Paradox for Dragonite with a shiny form that makes it less derpy looking

  15. That's impossible, Genwunners hate cross gen evos tampering with their beloved Pokemon

  16. Every Gen wunner I know of, including myself, loves all the alternate forms of Gen 1 pokemon lol. I was thrilled to see the new Tauros too

  17. I wonder what the actual statistics are on handheld and docked. I'd assume most people play handheld but I'm fairly biased as that's how I use it

  18. I only use mine handheld laying in bed, but nobody else I know plays it in anything but docked mode apparently

  19. this is the main thing in my opinion; konami need to be quick to adding cards and content to keep players engaged and wanting to come back

  20. There are more casuals (and semi competitive) than competitive players. There are dozens of us, dozen i tell you!

  21. And neither is Jesus. He repeated some Buddhist philosophy and is now dead.

  22. I'll take "Things nobody brought up or asked about" for 420 dollars Alex

  23. Funniest part is Tony Stark was a gigantic douche and near evil in the first part of the first movie too. Elon Musk is basically pre-morals Tony Stark yeah, where he's just a billionaire that would gladly trade lives for money

  24. /uh no really, where Vesper. His suspension is up, get back on the stream old man

  25. My dude, how are you 100 chapters into a near hentai series, and only now know it's nsfw

  26. More like this comment section is that dumb. Do people not realize she was obviously joking / trolling to get views? Which clearly worked

  27. One of the free mostly meh AI generators, I think it's for phones.

  28. I've noticed it really struggles hard with sharp teeth.

  29. I stopped scrolling and was blinded by the white background. Curse you memes from day time hours beating up us goblins that live in the dark hours!

  30. It is censored though. Leftist mods of the larger news and politics subreddits will delete any post about it that isn't pro-Biden and anti-Elon Musk.

  31. Yep, people on the right keep crying about nothing burger stories as if they are ground breakers, but 20 seconds into looking into basically all of them, they fall apart and are dumb AF

  32. It means something to him . . . in that his mother lives there. Your entire post is about how there's a secret human trafficking ring there . . .which might be true?

  33. It speaks to the presidents character. If he can’t raise his son to be a normal functioning man in society. How the fuck can you expect him to lead the country?😂

  34. There's only so much parents can do. Many parents are great people, and will have 3 very successful and happy children, but 1 kid will be very messed up and disturbed

  35. Ina . . . now that's a name I haven't heard in years . . . T_T

  36. lore accurately would be a sol he can probably put two supernovas and obliterate your balls

  37. How long does it generally take you guys to reach each tier? I'm just trying to unlock trains at this point and have probably spent like 30 hours since unlocking trucks, and don't even have heavy modular frames automated yet

  38. I am over 100 hours and halfway through Tier 8. But I have half my factory down either due lack of resources or too many in the line.

  39. Ah the lovely cascading brown out. Your power grid slowly starts to fail, which means the coal miners start failing , which means the whole thing fails faster, which means more stuff starts turning off, which means you can't even get the coal burners back up, because everything else zaps the power instantly if you disconnect them from the entire grid etc

  40. Every time I get ran over by one of my trucks I have to laugh at the derpy animation of my character rolling along on the ground

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