1. I think the biggest difference is that while it’s indeed a suburb it doesn’t have the endless sprawl feel of Fairfax loudoun etc. there’s a very clear directionality along the i270/Rockville pike corridor and everything is fairly accessible by metro/bus.

  2. I was at Innovation Center on Wednesday Night and like Dulles Tolls Road with its 4 lanes eastbound and westbound looked pretty dangerous. It was at midnight so there wasn't any traffic but I can only imagine how much traffic there is during the daytime. The fact that there is a pedestrian bridge just goes to show how dangerous it is to cross such a road.

  3. It's essentially a highway. Of course there's a pedestrian bridge.

  4. I mean, MD-28 is a state highway but it doesn't have a pedestrian bridge, so being a highway doesn't necessarily guarantee that. The main time I see pedestrian bridges in MoCo are over I-270, although there is also one over 355 at Rockville Metro Station.

  5. Maybe there’s something that cancels out sound frequency….or write to the township or a political representative???

  6. No, I assumed you were referencing sleeping since that’s the only place I’ve ever used white noise. I just don’t think walking around with headphones is a long term solution for something like this. Using headphones to block out the everyday noise of people living to avoid overstimulation is quite different than a nuisance noise, that more than disturbs the peace. I can’t quite tell if the sarcasm is intentional yet. Or you’re serious about that lol.

  7. I'm 100% serious. Just because I do it for overstimulation doesn't mean it can't work for you for a nuisance noise. Like the other day on the subway a guy was playing loud music. I'd call that nuisance noise.

  8. Great question. So in my almost 5 years of biking, it seemed like bikes parked in busy areas during the day were usually safe. However, bikes parked outside overnight seemed to be targets. I had to go take care of my dad and sleep at his apartment two nights ago, and I parked it outside overnight. When I woke up to check on her, she was gone.

  9. Yeah this is why I store mine in a storage unit because I ride it home pretty late (11:00 PM-1:00 AM).

  10. Democrats advocated overturning the 2000 and 2016 elections. Democrats have doubled down on the culture wars. Democrats protest at the Supreme Court when they don't like the decisions. Democrats routinely rjot when they don't get their way. Democrats put political prisoners in jail. Democrats advocate abandoning due process for political opponents. I could go on, but why bother?

  11. Our own Jamie Raskin voted in 2000 against the election certification of certain states.

  12. https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/verify/no-leaders-of-the-january-6-committee-didnt-try-to-overturn-previous-elections/65-3a9538fe-64c7-4bbc-8c24-c5796e377790

  13. I agree with the top poster that you should get an actual job.

  14. Sometimes cancer can be very insidious, like diabetes or kidney disease.

  15. Before you brush. Flossing helps loosen food debris and plaque and then brushing further removes plaque. When you brush your teeth it puts a coating of fluoride on your teeth. Ideally that's after you floss, otherwise you might remove some of the fluoride with flossing.

  16. It seems like the answer is yes. I think you should just get a new phone or get it repaired.

  17. I was going to suggest carrying a gun but then DC prohibits open carry.

  18. I was going to suggest carrying a gun but then DC prohibits open carry.

  19. There's quite a distance between being super accepting of foreigners and giving dignified human treatment to people and serving them when they come to your establishment.

  20. Japan has certain customs that foreigners may not be aware of, that's a huge reason for the xenophobia. There are bars that some Japanese can't even get into, because you need an introduction, and the reason for that is if when the bill is sent later, and the person doesn't pay, then the person who introduced them pays.

  21. I think it's generally understood that when a foreigner is visiting they may not know or understand customs yet the Japanese seem to be uncompromising in their willingness to accommodate. Either way, my question wasn't why Japanese have this practice but rather why they get a free pass. I do see your point btw

  22. In other words, why aren't other countries protesting the xenophobia?

  23. We also fought Japan in WWII yet the US has a close relationship with them too. Things happen, but we let bygones be bygones.

  24. I find it's a constant struggle to balance the "ideal" mental state. Specifically, balancing de-escalation with "ride like you're invisible/drivers want to kill you." Being on-edge is difficult to come down from.

  25. The other day I dismounted my bike and was crossing in the crosswalk and the light was red and a car popped out past the line. I feel like it was on purpose, but there would be little point in escalating the situation.

  26. If you go purely by BMI, then they're overweight, but BMI isn't that great in the first place for many reasons.

  27. I mean, the sugar you add is nothing compared to juice or soda, especially if you use something like Splenda (which has sugar for measurement purposes only).

  28. If you really need to go to the ER (and not Urgent Care), go anyway. You can work out a payment plan with them.

  29. Staff will generally get grumpy.

  30. You remove it because the tannins make it bitter. In general 5 minutes is the maximum time you should steep.

  31. At what point would he switch to another form of transportation?

  32. I don't think he ever would switch to another form of transportation.

  33. But why do they take issue with Ai people saving their images, but not with everyone else?

  34. It's not the fact that the AI is saving their images, but rather than the fact that the AI is using them. It's generally a violation of copyright law to use someone else's work in your own work without permission.

  35. Dogs drink when they're thirsty just like every other animal.

  36. Because there is actually discrimination against people with foreign first names.

  37. Putin has guards. It's not that easy and the backlash can be immense. That's why countermeasures have to be thought out very carefully.

  38. The ADA is so overpowered lol.

  39. I'm pretty sure they will know what an ebike looks like. Not exactly difficult to tell when the bike has a battery strapped to it.

  40. For my e-bike, you can't tell it has a battery in the first place because it's in the down tube:

  41. Most anti capitalists can't even give you an accurate definition of capitalism and just see it as a dirty word because someone else said it was bad on Twitter.

  42. It's interesting because Sanders is a democratic socialist, but proposes social democratic policies because he understands politics.

  43. Thanks for chiming in. Have you looked at the data about how mass immigration suppresses wages, or is that a non starter for you?

  44. I haven't looked at the data about how mass immigration suppresses wages, no. But I wouldn't necessarily be surprised about it. I had a guess that it's part of the problem with wages being stagnant and not supporting living costs in Canada.

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