1. Hall of fame all the way. eventually you'll get used to the difficulty, CPU Logic and can be very efficient if you play the correct way. I was able to core poster on silver and anchor on silver in a couple of 12 min QTR games.

  2. same problem for me. were you able to fix it?

  3. Idk but I did it and never even got my damn 25% discount

  4. that happens to me too. I cant get the discount from the start menu. I usually have to go to the Gatorade facility to get the discount

  5. i dont have a an extra turbo bar when im supposed to get 2 of them. were you able to figure it out?

  6. yeah for my green machine the core bange challenge meter has ZERO progress. I'm level 93 with an 86 3 ball and still haven't made progress for some reason.,

  7. Nba 2klabs, NBA 2ktutes, and Sam Pham (also found on Toronto uprising YT) are great for more in depth mechanics / badge effectiveness.

  8. I feel like NY fans want instant gratification instead of small and steady growth and I honestly feel like the media has something huge to do with it. No matter how good or which ever move we do the media has a negative comment to say about the Knicks and that has been rubbing off on our OWN fans. .. The funny part is that majority of the time they're WRONG! So we're just mad over nonsense and assumption/ rumors... It's the garden, we will ALWAYS have media talking about us no matter what because that's what they get paid for. For example, we can all agree that we needed a PG for years! We finally got a good one this off seasons and Mitchell happened to be available after the brunson signing. Clearly that wasn't expected but the FO tried to get him. According to reports they offered too many young pieces that we have went through the struggle to obtained over the years and frankly, I'm happy that trade didn't go through. But, of course the media portrayed us as failing AGAIN to get a valuable piece when we JUST got that valuable piece in brunson and didn't want to mortgage all of our assets for Mitchell.

  9. Has anyone seen where he throws a GIANT sandwich? No idea how I did it before

  10. you must have the sandwich in your hand before you are rage. If you dont have it and are in rage mode then the move to pick up the sandwich gets replaced by another move.

  11. I'll take tyus If we officially give McBride / IQ the keys. If not, then I'll pay for the small upgrade in brunson

  12. im starting to think this FO doesnt even know who Dejounte Murray even is. To be fair I don't know all 450 players in the NBA either but thats not my job

  13. Don't let the media make the assumption for you. We have no idea the FO is ever doing.

  14. Confusing at first but looks like front office really thought this out and negotiated. They seem to be targeting someone and now have accumulated assets and have better cap flexibility. Let's hope it works out during this off season.

  15. Yeah they really dropped the Ball there

  16. i dont understand why they made this decision

  17. I’m watching the game at work and I completely missed this

  18. Ran into PJ tuckers screen 5 seconds after entering the game :(.

  19. He was holding his knee or something after that?

  20. Yep. Took a couple of seconds for him to get up and needed help to slowly walk back to the locker room.

  21. Signing Randle to less than the max after the season he had last year was a win. Fournier is playing decently well for the contract he got and Kemba....I dont have much to defend there

  22. good think kemba deal was CHEAP... Low risk move. no one should complain about hm when he's that cheap.

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