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  1. Yet the whole thing is still the most Spinal Tap thing I've ever seen.

  2. The rights of Muslims are the same as everyone else and by extension, therefore, are the responsibilities placed upon Muslims. In other words, regardless of your religion tells you, murdering and regressing LGBT people is a shit thing to do and you're a shit person if you believe in doing it.

  3. I'm surprised that there's a net gain in migration given the people leaving britain due to brexit

  4. Brexit only affects EU immigrants; they never constituted even a half of immigrants.

  5. no, brexit affects everyone, and there are people leaving due to the fall of quality of life in britain.

  6. Original poster here. Just want to thank the OP of this new thread and for taking the time to go out of their way to post and help me on my journey to understanding this cloth.

  7. It's a shame there's no legible text on here. I hope you still enjoy your heirloom. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  8. so what if it's a sin? If it's a sin, YOU don't do it, and if someone else is doing it, it's between them and God.

  9. White fucked up the bishop and took placement right side

  10. It's in arabic/arabicised script; if it's turkish, it's ottman, the actually interesting thing would be if the text is Armenian transcribed into ottoman turkish arabicised script, or Armenian transcribed into arabic or persian script.

  11. Thanks for the response! Any resources or ideas on what I would do to get it translated?

  12. Another reason not to watch the Qatari slave built world cup matches.

  13. Conservatives! Don't vote! The amount of time it would take you to vote, you know how many deer you can hunt? Three! Now that's Yeee Haww! I'm Tracy Jordan Dave Chapelle , and I improved this message.

  14. This is like if Apple opened the ligtning plug and said anyone can use it now.

  15. I got a mac laptop for work. Those fucking arseholes adapted USB C allright. But they also got rid of being able to plug in fucking USB peripherals.

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