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  1. Finana looks so cute in your style! I really like her clothing

  2. Thank you!:) It sure took a bit haha

  3. I'm not pooping on the art, it's drawn fantastic as usual. I'm just an annoying dingus who's overanalyzing not really significant details, Vi 😅

  4. No I get it, no worries it didn't sound like you were talking ill of it haha

  5. This is absolutely beautiful. All we need now is all of the Holomems to be given a chibi version.

  6. Thank you!:) I am working on it little by little actually, they are among my other chibis in

  7. Now I’m not getting notifications for this collection, that’s irritating.

  8. Wait you didn't get notified for either of the 4 drawings so far? 🤔

  9. Yup, it’s happened to me before in other collections, but I have no idea why.

  10. Damn that is annoying, only a few creator-friendly tools here, and it doesnt work ._.

  11. Put your answers like this "A, A, A, A"

  12. The detaiiiles !!! We love that ! She looks really good and smexy ! Loving your work <3

  13. Haha thanks:) had fun drawing the wrinkled clothes/boots

  14. Well, you gotta start somewhere. Also did you model that wooden house?

  15. No it was part of an asset I got for free at the time hah, but nice placeholder for now!

  16. Thanks!:) hope to make some progress soon

  17. I'm starting to notice a pattern... 🤔

  18. To the Season 2 dance party! 💃

  19. Thank you so much! Hope to improve more with the next 100 hah

  20. Seeing your art journey really helps motivate me to continue drawing. Keep up the great work!

  21. Hah is there another iconic duo like this?

  22. I look forward to these every week. Thanks for doing them :)

  23. Best one yet! I love the detail and background and light!

  24. Thank you:) I'm happy with how it turned out!

  25. B, C, A, B though I believe you technically never actually capture the king. The other player loses before it would come to that.

  26. True but I had to simplify the question :1995: I will make the correction in the result sheet!

  27. Put your answers like this "A, A, A, A"

  28. Dunno why you cut out the watermark, but in any case this was made by

  29. Ok I can see this one though didn't know it had a name for it too haha

  30. Yes it took quite some time 😴

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