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  1. We need a Video : " A CAPTURED Russian Soldiers reacts to Drone dropped Mortars"

  2. Do you mean we need a reaction video to that video from a drone where a russian soldier giving brojob to his comrade?

  3. Straight up misinfo. But it's a well made fake, so it can stay up here with this disclaimer.

  4. ah a trust me bro from op, i am now in total confiance

  5. After six months on this sub I still don't know what vatnik means

  6. Just wait for NAFO partial mobilization. We haven't even lifted our little finger yet.

  7. can you please provide a link? I thought it starts once it was signed, and confused it still hasn't, can't find more info

  8. Tried to find any proof of this and it seems like this is fake info shared by some media. The US didn't announce any date yet.

  9. That day felt like a celebration day. I never knew a true feeling of Christmas but it felt exactly like it

  10. Medvedchuk was the most influential pro-russian politician in Ukraine. There are rumors that russians wanted to install him as a puppet president after capturing Kyiv.

  11. What? Russians don't live that long, so I don't see any problem here

  12. So does that mean they’re willing to conscript 64yr old men?

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