1. I’ve tried that as well but it always gives me an error midway idk what’s wrong

  2. Use pandabuy, thank me later

  3. You dont find these on pandabuy. Pandabuy is an agent you just need to copy the link and use it on any agent, Pandabuy being one of them. Pandabuy isnt the seller

  4. #FreeDaGuys #FreeCarti #FreeBeno #FreeMeechie 💔💔💔

  5. Thought carti and yeat had beef for a little or maybe I’m wrong just based off of what I saw a few weeks ago

  6. Ts was from a satire rap news ig account and people thought it was real. Carti has said nun publicly abt yeat

  7. also said carti was supposed to be on project x, tbh good chance he’s just trolling

  8. This is actually not true. You can go to settings-music-downloaded music to delete all downloaded music. Then re-download to have them in the new quality you’ve set.

  9. You can’t. You’ll have to delete the larger files and re-download them in the new format. They’re digital files and can’t be reformatted.

  10. Not a bad song at all but definitely not good enought for us to have been fiending like that

  11. not even meat riding carti but this is literally insane , maybe can be better in a certain aspect but as a complete artist hell no , lonely ain as versatile as carti

  12. Lone is super versatile wym. He can body rage beats, regular trap beats, guitar samples and everything in between

  13. It was just deleted off of all streaming platforms and all downloadable files of it just corrupted man sorry. Even saying the name of the song gets the fbi sent to your house

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