Wikipedia has updated the definition of a recession 22 times in the last 24 hours! The line "There is no global consensus on the definition of a recession" was added on July 27. Updating the definition doesn’t change the fact that we’re in a technical recession.

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  1. Curious how your calls are doing. Are you still in or did you bail?

  2. I stayed in till they expired the priced tanked but I will be buying again before next earning and for everyone asking no I did not $rope my self

  3. I went in with you bud, $22.5 Aug 19 calls. Please tell me I did good...

  4. There hasnt been much movment in the price so I dont want to flood the sub with the same post

  5. Hey, if you haven't already, please reply to this comment with your positions and what led you to enter or exit them!

  6. I currently own almost 5k option contracts aggressively increasing my position from my last post. Someone is shorting the stock and getting booty clapped cause I own over 487k shares and most of the float is owned between insiders, hedge funds, and index funds.

  7. You should have sold at almost half a million, especially before they reported earnings.

  8. Shoulda coulda whoulda. Gay bear talk. Still diamond handing the bags all the way down

  9. well today the price has a correction to 17.50 but its back up to 19 per share after hours

  10. Lol, that stonk keeps going up. What’s your balance now?

  11. Do you plan to switch to puts at some point? I would assume these Fortune 100 retailers like Target and Walmart will correct this in the near term? I understand the bullwhip scenario but even in the ebbs and flows of that cycle calls will go to zero, then puts and it will repeat.

  12. nah I sold my $20 calls a few days ago cause I wanted to buy puts on ally and capital one. I ended up buying a shit ton of more contracts during the dip today. I have like 6000 contracts now lol

  13. Dam down bad bro go out a pull some actually good looking girls in the real world tinder is just full of 1s who need validation

  14. Someone commented that you posted your thought process on this ticker.

  15. Idk i think my DD got taken down I posted it like a month ago but let me just comment it

  16. Stock shot down this morning but is on the uptrend just like I expected. Still looking very strong

  17. Yall trippin about taxes you just write everything off

  18. Hmm they also removed the Wikipedia is supported with donations banner.

  19. Hey, if you haven't already, please reply to this comment with your positions and what led you to enter or exit them!

  20. My LQDT position has gone down a bit since my last post it is still hovering around 19.50 I expect after earnings which will be aug 4 there will be a rally after good news. I also sold about 40 contracts 22.50 strike for like 3k yesterday and said yolo on slv which made it into 6k I sold and then sold about 100 contracts of 20 strike price to yolo about 20k into slv calls. If these 2 trades are successful I will yolo my whole portfolio into spy calls cause gay bears can eat it

  21. So I like the “attention” he gives me? I like how he borderline stalked me for weeks until my boyfriend made him stop? I like how uncomfortable he makes me and how hard it is to let him go considering we were friends for YEARS before he started acting like this? Yeah, I’m the one who’s happy about it all.

  22. So you message someone who stalks you? Didn't know i was at the circus. I CAN TELL you cant let go you didn't have to tell me it is obvious.

  23. Imagine thinking you cant talk to the opposite gender because you have a partner

  24. Yeah its pretty disrespectful, dudes like this can be spotted from a mile away. if someone disrespected my gf like that they would get insta blocked. She continues to talk to him tho cause she likes the attention

  25. Bullwhip effect, ordered too much inventory. They blowing smoke up our ass, Q2 GDP coming in like a hot shit after a night of tequila and habanero sauce. We r fukt

  26. Stunna uses the forum “BitCoinTalk” ; Stake are recently abusing customers in every way since Ed bought his new house. I don’t believe Stunna is Ed, but I do believe he is directly connected to him. 600k is a nasty amount. My last session cost me $138,000 due to Stake neglecting to follow their terms of service and stopping self confessed addicted players from playing here.

  27. Bruh are you really blaming a online casino for not stopping you? Lol grow up and learn self control

  28. You literally need none of that equipment to build a rig. A Philips head screwdriver is pretty much it.

  29. Yeah I guess not. My 9 RX 6700 XT rig is just a fluke and the three others I've built for friends...also flukes.

  30. HAHAHAHA 6700xt my boy making 8 dollars per day while im making 40 dollars per day with my 4 1060 rig

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