1. At that point your dick is touching the water right? That should be the problem

  2. Ah hell nah, that better not be the Barca style jersey from last season. Why can’t they keep it like last season with a few different details

  3. I personally don’t want Mc to sleep with Elena but I wouldn’t mind her telling Mc a detailed story on the best sex she had with Jon boy that way we get a lewd scene with her

  4. Charly, he honestly might be the worst Paraguayan forward that has ever player for Toluca

  5. Look I love Nacho Ambriz but I’m glad he’s not getting called up for the national job, I want him to stay with Toluca

  6. If the striker has RM or RW as an alt position would be amazing for chem reasons

  7. Hard to imagine this team parking the bus. I don’t think it’s in their DNA.

  8. Man ever since I got a dog I’ve been tearing up when I see post like this

  9. My little bro got mid Cantona, and he just started playing FUT

  10. I packed his base version yesterday and I’ll just keep him now

  11. Kind of just depends on your team and what you have already if he is tradable I would sell and just get fodder for the sbc if he is untradable I would suggest doing sbc players that will fit your team first and then decide by then if you have extra fodder to do his potm

  12. I would just wait a little for new sbcs and just focus on getting your defense as mbappe gold would still be good on your team especially if he’s untradable

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