1. enhanced my self concept with the help of affirmations and later on with some subliminals as well + mindset subliminals

  2. What affirmations did you use to change your self concept? If you don’t mind me asking

  3. I used the affs from these 2 posts :

  4. I’ve changed how I think about supraliminals and subliminals now, I think they should work for everybody near enough, unless you have some problems with your auditory information being processed, or if the subliminal/supraliminal is made wrong, that’s the biggest issue

  5. You could be getting headaches because the track is too loud, you’re meant to lower the volume of the track after applying nyquist, I do normalise -10 db on the track afterwards and it’s fine. You’re not meant to be exposed to these frequencies on a loud volume for a long period of time, it causes headaches and hearing loss. Make sure to lower the volume

  6. His ass does not have hollow cheeks 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

  7. I wonder if he’s ever gonna stop using that joke

  8. Work on your self-concept. That helps so much with manifestation and subliminals. Having a good mental diet is crucial!

  9. It really isn’t crucial, subliminals work whether you believe in them or not, meaning you can have a negative outlook on them and think they won’t work and they’d still work, and being detached doesn’t change how fast you’d get results either, it won’t make the affirmations form as a belief any faster, This girl’s issue could potentially be a low vibration, or the subliminals are made incorrectly

  10. But wouldn't a good self-concept heighten those vibrations? The most of sub makers she mentioned I've used and gotten results. The problem isn't the subliminals.

  11. Self concept could raise her vibration, so yeah that might be right, however you can also use a frequency to raise vibration, that’s the way I do it, I’m testing the effects of vibration on subliminals currently

  12. Ok yup I'd say it's about 50%. On my computer I'm listening at 20%, but on my phone 50% sounds the same as 20% on my computer. Crazy shi

  13. So what happens when you turn the volume to 50% on the computer, is it extremely loud?

  14. Yeah. For example 100% volume on my computer vs 100% volume on my phone sound way different. 100% volume is louder on my computer than on my phone, even though both my phone and computer are on the same volume level.

  15. Just make sure it isn’t too loud, we don’t want you to have any hearing damage caused, if it’s loud on 20% it’ll probably work, I’m just not sure why it hasn’t yet

  16. This would basically do nothing, your conscious mind would resist the affirmation. Meaning it wouldn’t go anywhere to form a belief

  17. I listen to isolated affs by themselves and I've gotten results. Mostly at work with 1 wireless earbud on low volume.

  18. That’s probably because you can’t understand them so they go to the subconscious

  19. nooooooooooooooooooooo i love gods wisdom verse its my favorite part of the song

  20. I’m pretty sure that being detached will not in any capacity make the affirmations sync into your subconscious faster, if you can’t get results normally without a mental diet, you probably have a health issue hindering your results, even if it’s minor, something like that can stop your results completely, like having central nervous system fatigue, that can disrupt subliminal messages being processed completely, however luckily there are frequencies that can heal issues like this within a few days.

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