I’ve just been to my first Alcohol Anonymous meeting

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  1. Looks like a legal question, and not a DIY one

  2. I mean, it's not even a DIY related question. Literally paid someone else to do it (as well you should for gas work)

  3. People don't want to hear it because they are so used to it, but eating out is a luxury not a right.

  4. How about you get enough clout to start naming pieces and then you can rename this one instead of pissing in the wind at some random ass pixel artist?

  5. Why on earth would I want to start naming pieces?

  6. You seem to think you have much better ideas than the person who drew it, why NOT do something with that instead of just passive aggressively bitching about it in front of them?

  7. I do plenty with it, actually. There's a whole person on the other side of this brief and uninteresting exchange.

  8. I actually just finished a PhD in Arachnology from a top 10 world university.

  9. Interesting. What gives the Fucking Spider its name?

  10. I've heard your country recently started importing America's big 3-4 trucks, but are they all diesel or do you get the gas ones too? And what about the Tundra & Titan?

  11. The Tundra is coming but not the titan as far as I know. Petrol (gas) specs are available but less popular. There's a significant off-roading scene. Pick-up trucks are called "Utes" here. Probably the most popular body type followed by SUVs. Not many vans.

  12. Thanks. Another Aussie on this site told me the definition of ute is different from state-to-state, like some places it means all vehicles with a bed/tray/tub & in other places its only the unibody sedan/coupe/wagon based ones.

  13. Here in WA you'd call anything with a bed up to mid-sized a ute. After that it's probably a truck.

  14. Just say what's up and move about your day, no need to stress generational concepts.

  15. Exactly. Imagine feeling the need to hold folks social hostage every morning to repeat the same banal conversation against their will.

  16. Jesus Christ dude, he’s just saying hello. That’s not holding someone conversationally hostage. Simply greeting someone is just common courtesy.

  17. So you've decided you know better than the person about their own life and needs? Because that's not particularly healthy behaviour in itself.

  18. It doesn't seem that anyone is particularly outraged apart from yourself, so stop projecting and maybe stop engaging if it's getting you worked up.

  19. XL and XXL are the only acceptable sizes. large feels tiny on me.

  20. The issue I find is that they don't really get longer with more Xs, just wider.

  21. It wasn't? Then I'm genuinely keen to understand how I misinterpreted the following:

  22. The mental acrobatics required to be able to talk about a organisation that convinces desperate people to trust in (them and) a supernatural power in order to escape their desperation as anything other than a cult is breath-taking.

  23. That’s fun and all as an anecdote but as a fluent welsh speaker I’ve never heard that aside from some kids back in reception. The OG welsh term is ‘cont y môr’ which means c*nt of the sea but usually now referred as ‘slefren fôr’ which could be roughly translated as sea skater or glider I guess.

  24. UBI could be one aspect of helping with it.

  25. Would be interested to see some of the people downvoting you explain why they thought your comment was worth hiding.

  26. I solved one problem. Rent can be eliminated and everyone can own a place to live with minimal change to the existing system.

  27. Except the opportunity cost is "spend money on things I want" or "spend money on this investment, which will make me money, which I also want". Your essentially just saying people should get money for being patient. But unless that investment specifically benefits the laborers and/or customers of that business, what is there to be rewarded?

  28. I mean, to be fair in the title OP is asking the question of whether this cat found it's way into their house.

  29. The joke is that the CEO thought one of the first employees asked would take the money and run, and so expected to pay a relatively low bonus. He didn't expect what actually happened: employees working together.

  30. How come all the accents are American if it's in Soho?

  31. To stop the room above from falling into the room below

  32. GDP is an over used and usually unhelpful metric. Even GDP per capita results in Qatar being #1 as it ignores the shocking wealth disparity.

  33. Alternate title: "Me getting ready to capture the Pillars of Creation"

  34. Back when you were allowed to play n the mud and swim in the river.

  35. Allowed? What happens if you do it now? Are there mud police?

  36. i almost got stabbed near Barton Hill so i wouldn't say it's the best but it's nice

  37. Name a British city big enough to be interesting that doesn't get a little bit stabby sometimes.

  38. As I cannot see up and down the street, nor can you. However, that 'style' of building is imitating a turn of the century building ( like the one next door ) which should also have sash windows. I've worked on these building for 40 years... But hey, you probably know best :-)

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