1. The one random thing that bugs me about military movies is how often they show a random group of 4-6 soldiers (ETA: marines, sailors, stormtroopers, etc) marching in formation indoors. That may happen at boot camp, but nowhere else.

  2. Gordon Ramsey. Probably has tons of high quality spices.

  3. Damn. Well on that note is radiation rumble in the rotation? I’m level 180 and I’ve never once seen that pop up. Does something trigger it like a nuke or something?

  4. The events triggered by a nuke (where to nuke) are Seismic Activity (abandoned mineshaft 2), A Colossal Problem (Monogmah Mine), and Scorched Earth (Fissure Prime). All the other events are random rotation. Final note: One Violent Night only triggers during (in game) night time.

  5. Nothing on the ground. I put stuff in a suitcase in Morgantown train station, in the dresser in the trailer next to the Wayward, or in a random container in Flatwoods. Anytime there’s a “craft” daily, I craft and mod level 5 equipment and dump it at those locations. I also dump stims, Rad away, rad-x (does anyone actually use these?), and nonperishable food and water.

  6. I display the clean junk and statue/figurine style junkI find. I get aggravated if I scrap clean junk before I’ve had a chance to check it against my displayed junk.

  7. I told Sophie if she left the door open again that I would take them off! Guess who’s CAMP no longer has doors?

  8. Pocket full of lancets and bottle of BG test strips because the one time you don’t have them you have duds at hand.

  9. Rally ‘round the pts with a pocket full of lancets! Nurses on parade - Rage Against the [IV] Machine

  10. I was waiting for some upbeat late 90’s rock song to begin followed by the opening credits to a show where a group of friends meet at the same bar/coffee shop whenever life altering decisions are made.

  11. Star Wars Galaxies… before it became Star Wars of Warcraft.

  12. On the cassette player in the car. It’s the middle of the Everglades, and there’s no radio stations for about two hours. The only song your kids will let you play is “the Gambler” by Kenny Rogers. I can only imagine how much my mom wanted to throw that tape out the window. The fact that she can listen to that song with curling up and crying truly amazes me.

  13. I have since done that. Hard to explain but it was such a small little Sharp corner on a piece of the seats frame. My heeps lifted, I’m 6’3” and I gotta hop in and slide out as I’m sure the previous guy did to crate the little off ramp my seat has. I kept digging around in the seat looking for the sharp piece but couldn’t figure it out till I finally cut my finger digging around in it.

  14. Don’t throw out those ripped jeans! The ‘90’s are coming back!

  15. Found out I got SOQ once by seeing it on the plan of the day. Went up for Sailor of the Year, didn't show up to the "board" for it. Still won. Idk wtf I did but I guess it worked.

  16. I have no idea, POLE_SMOKIN_BANDIT! If only there was a clue POLE_SMOKING_BANDIT

  17. If you’re interested in the medical field, nursing assistant jobs pay decent in most areas until you can get your phlebotomy cert. There’s tons of hospitals and care facilities that don’t require a CNA; just read the job descriptions closely on indeed. Also, there’s almost always overtime available.

  18. I worked at a home for a few weeks. It was not for me. Having to wipe a grown man’s ass who’s family face up on him and he had no where else to go. He got off on the fact that I had to wipe him. Boobs twisted and bruised.

  19. Sorry to hear that happened. I work at a rehab hospital (strokes, brain injuries, high risk joint replacements) while I’m going to nursing school. The pts are more “with it” than those in hospitals or long term care.

  20. Glassdoor is a great place to check out a company. You may have to subscribe to get full access, though. From my experience, micromanagement and “chastised for not responding to an email” is more dependent on the manager(s) or management team.

  21. It seems like it will help, but I feel like it just encourages my hoarding tendencies in game.

  22. All the women flashing DX don’t have to pull their shirts up as high as they did in the early 2000’s

  23. “OMG! No! Just get out of here and stop making my pts horny! I just can’t deal with that, today!” -a nurse to me, the other day.

  24. Love my Chinese Stealth Armor! Using it and super stim packs, I can hold all 3 pylons during encrypted.

  25. My BT hated the cold PNW rain, but she would do anything for a piece of kitty kibble. I used that as a reward to get her to go outside in the rain.

  26. I split it with one character and kept it all on a different character. It felt so wrong to keep it, but it was also incredibly satisfying. Skip the whole “what’s best for this or that” and go for the “how much of an ass would this make me be” option.

  27. bullion. bouillon is like stock for cooking.

  28. I asked my parents and my 19 siblings, and they don’t really remember.

  29. Silence. I developed tinnitus in my early 30’s, and now it’s almost worse to be in a very quiet place instead of having some sort of background noise. Wear hearing protection, kids.

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